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======The Eve-Survival Team======

When we opened this wiki, there was a team of hard working eve-citizens that converted all the previously reported missions into this. Some has quit eve. Others keep on cracking the code of the missions. While a lot of pod pilots have joined in keeping this page busy and living.

=====The Reporters=====

Everybody can be a reporter. Including you! Register here and you can add or edit missions and leave comments. To be a registered user, you only need an eve account. You'll find the invitation code in the channel **Eve-Survival**. You can also get help from that channel.

=====The Editors=====

Also known as The Janitors of this Wiki. They will check new edits and additions. They will clean them up and correct mistakes and typos. Plus they will have write access to the mission index, so they can add the new missions to the index.

=====The First Editors=====

These people made the Eve-survival possible by converting the old pages to wiki-format:

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From left to right: AnathemaMatou, ChepeNolon, ItsJupix, JohnKarnage, LothrosAndastar, MariaEpiconthe aka HoshiIsamu, SturmWolke, ZaraSkyray

=====Honorable Mentions=====

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