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======They, Robots Level 1======

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=====Part 1 of 5=====

Courier Mission
eight units of Robits (16.0 m3)

=====Part 2 of 5=====

Combat mission: Drones

===Single Pocket===
Auto Aggro, 12km away

Mammon Apis (4x)
Belphegor (3x)
Infester Alvi (1x) - last to kill, completed mission

no Asteroids
Drone Habitat (10x) - drop nothing
Infestated Station Ruins (1x) - did not destroy it
Mission Reward is a BPC - Basic Robotics (1 run, ME5, PE2), this is needed for the next part of the mission

=====Part 3 of 5=====

**Special Type: Mining/Production Mission**

Mine Scordite at location given (YOU MUST MINE the ORE here) - this flags it complete, but you still need to build the item
2x Asteroids - 1,000 units (150 m3)
3x Structures - no drops
Construct the Basic Robotics (I had to go 4 jumps to find a station I could build at)
Job takes about a little over 6 minuets.

If you get this mission early in your career this might help:
1. Mine the scordite.
2. Find a station having the Science % Industry service.
(Right-click stations in the overview list > Show info > Services tab).
3. Bring the scordite and the blueprint to that station and unload it into the hangar.
4. Right-click the scordite and have it refined. (In the unlikely event that the station doesn't have a refinery you'll have to go to one to have scordite refined.)
5. Open Science & Industry. From the available installations select the one on the station you are on.
6. Select a vacant assembly line.
7. Click "Install job". Select the blueprint. Click Ok. Click Accept Quote.
5. Select to Jobs tag > Get jobs. There you see that the job is in progress. Wait for it to finish. Click the job to see at which time it will be finished.
When the job is ready click Deliver. It is now available in the hangar.
6. Pick up your stuff and return to the mission giver.

=====Part 4 of 5=====

Mining Mission

Mine 2997 units of Scordite (449.6 m3)
2x Astroids - 1500 units,

===Group 1===
spawned with started mining

Blood Upholders (2x) [regular belt spawn, might differ?]
Mammon Apis (1x)
Belphegor Apis (1x)
Infester Alvi (2x)

===Group 2===
spawned within 60sec (or after last group)

Mammon Apis (1x)
Belphegor Apis (4x)
Infester Alvi (5x)

Structures (2x) - no drops

=====Part 5 of 5=====

Faction: Galente and drones
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace without gates
Blitz: Destroy the Drone Control Tower and warp out, there is no need to destroy any ships or drones


Aggro on warp-in.
2 groups present.
Asteroids: Veldspar (16), Scordite(16)

===Group 1===
Distance: ~20 Km
Belphegor Apis
Mammon Apis
Infester Alvi

===Groep 2===
Distance: ~30Km
Fedaration Clavis (1x)
Federation Hastile (2x)
Republic Radur (3x)

===Group 3===
Infester Alvi (1x)
Mammon Apis (2x)

===Group 4===
Belphegor Apis
Mammon Apis
Infester Alvi

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