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======Unauthorized Military Presence, Level 1======

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Faction: Gurista Pirates
Mission type: Encounter
Spacetype: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Kin, Therm
Recommended damage dealing: Kin, Therm

====Pocket 1====

===Group 1:===
3x Pithi Arrogator (Frigate class)
1x Pithi Imputor (Frigate class)
1x Pithi Invader (Frigate class) --**TRIGGER**

===First Spawn:===
4x Pithi Arrogator (Frigate class)
2x Pithi Imputor (Frigate class)

====Pocket 2====

===Group 1: (25km)===
1x Pithi Despoiler (Frigate class)
1x Pithi Saboteur (Frigate class) --**TRIGGER**

===First Spawn: (50km)===
2x Pithi Imputor (Frigate class)
2x Pithi Arrogator (Frigate class)
1x Pithi Infiltrator (Frigate class)
1x Pithi Invader (Frigate class)
1x Guristas Personnel Transport (Drops 10x Militants)

Mining: Both rooms combined yielded 80M in minerals at Feb 2010 Market prices.
(Note: Used a perfect refine and zero tax at a 50% NPC station, RSS)

==Standing loss==
Killing the Transport Ship incurs a -4.0% standing loss

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