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======Unauthorized Military Presence, Level 4======

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Faction: Blood Raiders
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: EM, Therm
Recommended damage dealing: EM, Therm
Extras: Weapon disruption, Light usage of Energy Vampires (Corpum Sage)
Recommended ship classes: Battleship, Battlecruiser, HAC (can also be done in a Recon)
Video: [[ | Nightmare]][[ | Paladin]][[ | CNR]]

====At Gate====

Gate is unlocked, you can ignore this group if you want to.

===Single Group: (25km Delayed Aggro) ===
2x Destroyers (Corpior Templar/Devoter)
3x Cruiser (Corpum Arch Sage/Arch Priest)
2x Battlecruiser (Corpior Bishop/Seer)

The first Acceleration Gate is 20 km from the warp-in point.

====Single Pocket====
There will be a group at the Ammatar Holy Dome when you warp-in and two others will spawn within a few seconds. They will look like two groups.
The group at the Ammatar Holy Dome will aggro drones.
No Aggro on warp in. Group 2 aggroes by proximity ~70km

===Group 1: (near the Ammatar Holy Dome 74-110km)===
3x Frigates (Corpii Reaver/Engraver)
2x Elite Frigates (Elder Corpii Seeker/Collector) **Tracking Disruptor**
3x Cruisers (Corpum Dark Priest/Shadow Sage)
3x Battlecruiser (Corpior Bishop/Seer)
4x Battleships (Corpus Archon/Oracle/Prophet)

===Group 2: (near the Shuttle Wreck 90-100km)===
1x Blood Raider Personnel Transport
3x Frigates (Corpii Engraver/Reaver)
2x Destroyers (Corpior Templar/Devoter)
3x Cruisers (Corpum Shadow Sage)
2x Battleships (Corpus Apostle/Archon/Oracle)

No structures drop loot.

In Pocket 2 you only have to kill the group with the Transport Ship. Once the group with the Transport Ships is dead, take 10 militants from one of the Transport wrecks to complete the mission. Killing the other group is not necessary. You may use other militants if you have them.

==At Gate==
6 Roids Veldspar = 31855


Structures drop no loot

Loot Total: 1,000,000,00 ISK (03.12.2015)
~2,000,000.00 ISK (14.12.2016)
~510,000.00 ISK (25 Jul 17)

4,217,878.00 ISK
4,269,065.00 (25.Jul.17)

Salvage: 2,709,000,00 ISK ((03.12.2015)
2,900,000.00 ISK (14.12.2016)
~2,450,000.00 ISK (25 Jul 17)

==Standing loss==
Killing the Transport Ship incurs a 4.0% standing loss with Blood Raiders.

===Ships detail: ===
||(x:2;y:2) |=|(y:2){text-align:center}Orbit|=|(y:2)Max.""<br/>""Velocity|=|(y:2)Shield""<br/>""(HP)|=|(y:2)Armor""<br/>""(HP)
|=|(x:4){border-left-width:3px}Shield Resistances (%)|=|(x:4){border-left-width:3px}Armor Resistances (%)|=|(x:4){border-left-width:3px;text-align:center}DPS (HP/s)||
||2x||[[ | Personnel Transport]]||0m||200m/s||700||600
||7x||[[ | Corpii Engraver]]||11,000m||440m/s||250||300
||2x||[[ | Elder Corpii Seeker]]||9,500m||440m/s||325||850
||6x||[[ | Corpii Devoter]]||16,000m||400m/s||250||300
||9x||[[ | Corpum Dark Priest]]||22,000m||360m/s||1,200||1,800
||5x||[[ | Corpior Seer]]||22,000m||320m/s||1,200||1,800
||3x||[[ | Corpus Archon]]||14,000m||280m/s||3,500||4,250
||2x||[[ | Corpus Oracle]]||14,000m||280m/s||4,250||5,500
||1x||[[ | Corpus Prophet]]||38,000m||280m/s||3,975||4,800
|=|(x:2) 37 total ships|=|(x:2) Averages/Totals||45,075||60,550

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