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Here are a few links you should check out or use when working with reports

Who's who on this project: TheTeam
Answers to common questions: QnA

=====For the regular reporter=====

- MissionTemplate
- MissionExample
- MissionExplanation
- ScreenShots
- ReportingMissions What should you include where.
- A well reported mission: RogueDroneHarassment4
- Example of a mission with multiple parts: GuristasStrike3se
- NamingConvention of the missions
- FormattingRules on how to use the editor
- WantedPages for which pages that needs to be made
- SandBox if you need to test before reporting your first mission.
- CategoryCleanup missions tagged for cleanup
- CategoryNeedInfo missions that needs more information.

=====For the Janitor=====

- OrphanedPages New mission reports end up here if not linked.
- RecentChanges to monitor the changes of others.
- RecentlyCommented to see if anyone has something that can be added to the mission.

=====Other useful pages=====

- WikkaDocumentation for a link to the wikka main documentation site
- WikkaReleaseNotes
- TextSearch

=====Statistics and Information=====

- MyChanges
- MyPages
- OwnedPages
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