The Wildcat Strike, Level 4

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Faction: Drones
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: All types (more Exp/Kin, some EM/Therm)
Extras: NA
Web/scramble: NA
Recommended damage dealing: EM
Recommended ships: Raven, CNR
Video: Dominix **CNR**


Auto-aggro from all after a few seconds.
If you need more range make a bookmark and warp out. Then warp to your bookmark at your optimal range.
Respawn is triggered by killing the last drone from the initial spawn.

Initial spawn (41 km from warp-in)

2x Tower Sentry Caldari III
2x Caldari Cruise Missile Battery
3x Reprogrammed Mining Drone (Elite Frigates)
3x Reprogrammed Mining Drone (Battlecruisers)

Respawn (25 km from warp-in)

4x Reprogrammed Mining Drone (Elite Frigates)
3x Reprogrammed Mining Drone (Elite Cruisers)

The gate is 41km from warp-in

Pocket 2

3 Groups, no auto-aggro

Right Group (22-25 km from warp-in)

4x Reprogrammed Mining Drone (Elite Frigates)

Middle Group (24-25 km from warp-in)

2x Reprogrammed Mining Drone (Elite Frigates)
8x Reprogrammed Mining Drone (5 Elite Cruisers, 3 Battlecruisers)

Left Group (29-30 km from warp-in)

3x Reprogrammed Mining Drone (Frigates)
3x Reprogrammed Mining Drone (Cruisers)

Aggroing the left or right group first will also aggro the middle group, but not the other side. So if you shoot at the left group first, the right one will not aggro, but shoot at the right one first and the left will not aggro. Shooting the middle group will agro both the left and right groups as well.

Drones do not pull aggro from left side.

Mission is marked complete once you land in the second pocket.

No Structure drop loot.

Gate is locked at warp in - Destroy gate groups
Warp to second pocket, wait for the Mining Foreman to say he's given up, warp out.

In Pocket 1 are 5 Roids of Veldspar 55466 Units

3,558,934,00 ISK

Loot: 0000000 (Rogue Drones Drops nothing)

Salvage: 1,450,000 ISK (07.15.2017)

Comment by DirkFallows
2008-09-14 04:58:53
I did =NOT= receive any standings penalty for shooting the caldari towers
Comment by ChepeNolon
2008-11-08 09:23:26
I've gotten reports from Jakara Jomar with normal Rogue drones names. But the important facts are stated. Elite frigates should be "strain" drones, that might web and scramble.
Comment by BuilderAlphaOne
2008-11-18 12:54:32
While the elite drones are named "Strain XXXX", none of them either webbed me or scrambled, even from under 5,000 meters range. They are harder to kill than the normally named drones.
Comment by TheObjective
2009-03-13 11:53:38
Completed on Drake with Scourge missiles -- total overkill.
DR is EASY for LvL4 mission
Comment by JannelleSilver
2009-03-29 21:07:35
Pocket 1.
5x Veldspar roids. 5k-15k m3
Comment by Schallmau3r
2009-12-23 18:18:17
Drones DO pull aggro from left Group.
Comment by FreaKshow
2010-04-08 23:22:23
Super easy in a lvl 3 fit drake i tanked this easily and had the DPS to take it out quickly
Comment by SniperDoc
2010-04-26 11:01:34
Raven = Total overkill. Done in a Drake and after that in a Nighthawk without a problem.
Comment by JeDdut
2010-05-04 11:44:49
to easy with drake.but i did get arrgo from the whole pocket 2.
Comment by KaedonRevkesch
2010-05-29 21:38:46
Since the Tyrannis patch, the mission is marked completed as soon as you land in the second pocket, you don't need to kill anything at all.
Comment by SquishyCow
2010-06-25 10:52:13
Confirming above tip by KaedonRevkesch, as soon as I got into P2 the mission finished.
Comment by TalimaVelpari
2010-09-16 02:52:35
Pulled left group first, and didn't get any drone aggro from right group.
Comment by GabrielaSwan
2011-02-06 11:50:39
definently easy in a DRAKE, with passive tanking, even with full pocket agro.
Comment by AlibonPaaltomo
2011-11-19 16:48:27
Confirmed drone aggro from left group
Comment by KuruValthaliondil
2012-07-01 22:55:12
I just completed this mission, and with the new drone bounties I made 3.45M isk (.5 system).
Comment by SokuExalted
2012-09-05 03:48:53
No reason for full clear, just enter second room and fly to your agent.
Bounty + both rewards > 5M ISK
Salvage > lees then 1M ISK
No loot
Comment by CassandraIrvine
2012-10-11 01:58:14
Who recommended doing this in a Battleship? Please fly a Battlecruiser instead!
Comment by GaladTirin
2015-12-04 05:27:02
Do not do this mission. It drops no loot, very low bounty, gives you nearly nothing and takes your time. Very little time, yes, but still. Refuse and get another mission, if you want to make ISK.
Comment by InfiniteDestruction
2017-09-21 01:06:48
21 Sept 2017
Best to just blitz this one and be done with it.
The warp-in now drops you at 32km from the gate. The initial group (and first spawn) as the same as noted up top.
Clear those out, jump into the second room and you are done. Warp home and turn in the mission.

If you stay, the groups are slightly different than noted above. Centre group is the same but the Left group as 3 Cruisers and 4 Frigates while the Right group only has 3 frigates (seems 1 frigate got booted from their squad).

Bounties - 3,850,000
Loot/Salvage - 1,240,000
Rewards - 1,158,000

LP - 2,888

(I normally just "blitz" this one as I'm after the LP and Standings, not the isk. I did the full run today so I could provided an update as it's been awhile since anyone else has commented on it !)
Comment by hal9k
2018-04-15 11:55:09
wow warped to first gate to start mission local chat flashed foreman said ok we give up and mission was flagged Glitch?
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