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BloodStainedStars1multi The Blood-Stained Stars

Part VI: A Breach Of Trust

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Take this toy. The mistress first arrived at my lord's estate with nothing to her name but this. As you destroyed her body, it is the only physical connection left in this world that her family will recognize as hers. Deliver this to the family, and with the utmost care. They have already suffered greatly.
Completion: Put Mizara's Doll into the can as asteroid mining outpost.
I do not know where Dagan himself is, but I do know the man who brought Dagan to my lord's attention: an archaeologist of some respect, by the name of Doctor Canius. You'll find him at the location provided. Be warned: he surrenders nothing for free.
Completion: Meet Doctor Canius at Lisudeh IV - Moon 4 - Theology Council Tribunal.
There's a dig site a little ways from here: a small cluster of asteroids, containing artifacts from some of the first Amarr space lanes. I know there's at least one good piece left, but every time I hire a team, they get driven off by pirates. All you have to do is go in, get that artifact, and return it to me without dying.
Completion: Salvage Ancient Tomb Dig Site for Mysterious Statuette.
Encounter type: Deadspace without gates.
Faction: Blood Raiders.
You better cleanup before looting the tomb. Destroyers is a hell of a lot of DPS to your head.
You will need to use Analyzer on a tomb. Either provided Civilian module or regular one (if you have skills) will do.
2x Destroyers (Last one dead trigget Spawn 1)
1x Cruiser
Spawn 1:
1x Frigate
This is the location of the monastery he stayed at. It's been abandoned for some time. I wouldn't be surprised if scavengers have moved in. Go reclaim the hell out of that place, and I'm sure you'll find something useful.
Completion: Cleanup the area. Last rat dead drop the objective.
Encounter type: Deadspace without gates.
Faction: Complete mess.
4x Rookie Frigates.
4x Frigates.
I can only guess at what "pre-Jovian" qualifies as, but Taphos has clearly unwittingly provided Imperial secrets to a spy. You must deliver this information to him at once!
Completion: Inform Dovirch Anselm at Tanoo V - Moon 1 - Ammatar Consulate Bureau about the clues discovered.
I want you to go out there, meet Taphos, and kill him in combat. We've shut off access to his clones, so he won't be coming back. As you were challenged by a noble you'll suffer no consequences, legal or otherwise. His family line gets to keep their good name, and everyone can then go back to their nice, safe lives, confident that Imperial secrets are still safe.
Completion: Defeat Taphos in Trial by Combat.
Encounter type: Deadspace without gates.
Faction: Amarr.
1x Taphos (Punisher, ~15km orbit range, serious EM/TM damage).
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