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====== Scavengers, level 2 ======

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Type: Encounter
Faction: Gallente
Damage dealt: Kin, Therm
Completed with: Kestrel
Recommended ships: shield-tanked frigate
Difficulty: Easy
Equipment: Salvager

**Note: Objective is to collect a High-Tech Data Chip from a container at the mission site, you do NOT have to kill any npcs**
**Note: Mission location is usually low-sec space**

No aggro on warp in. Aggro is triggered when you approach the container, and a few more rats spawn.

Warp in to see a lot of scattered wrecks and a single container. Head straight towards the container and activate your salvager on it the same way you use codebraker and analyzer modules. When the salvager deactivates you can open the container and take the High-Tech Data Chip.
Mission completed, warp off.

Alternatively you might want to kill the npcs and loot and salvage the wrecks

===Initial spawn:===
4x Gallente Rookie
1x Gallente Cruiser

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