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After The Seven, Level 1

Faction: None
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt:
Recommended damage dealing:

After The Seven - ??? (1 of 5)

After The Seven - "Company" (2 of 5)

Group 1

Aggro instantly when warp in.
2 x Seven Recruit (Frigate)

Group 2

Spawn when Group 1 eliminated.
4 x Seven Plebe (Frigate)

Group 3

Spawn when Group 2 eliminated.
5 x Seven Plebe (Frigate)

Group 4

Spawn when Group 3 eliminated.
1 x Surenna's Frigate (Frigate)

A cargo container will drop when Group 4 is destroyed, which contains the goods the mission requires.

Fair Play - Now Bite (3 of 5)

3 x Mercenary Miner Rookie

There is a cargo container (jetcan) with the mission objective in it (10 units of Bandine) next to the pirate miners.
Pick it up to finish the mission.

(Not much of a bite, if you ask me)

Fair Play - Slight Advantage (4 of 5)

1 x Lone Scout

Fair Play - Turnabout (5 of 5)

8(?) x Mercenary Pirates (you only get to kill about 4 or 5 of them yourself)

2(?) x DED Officer 3rd class
2(?) x DED Officer 2nd class
1(?) x DED Officer 1st class
1(?) x CONCORD Battleship

The 2 sides shoot at each other and there's all sorts of wrecks left at the end. You only get to kill maybe 4 frigates.
I'm not sure if you can shoot the CONCORD ships. They are about 60km away when you warp in. Without an MWD, I don't see how you can get to them in time to find out.
The CONCORD ships warp out as soon as all the pirates are dead.

I don't know if the ships that get destroyed are random. In my mission I had the following wrecks at the end:

8 x Mercenary Pirate wrecks
2 x DED Officer 2nd class wrecks
1 x DED officer 1st class wreck
1 x CONCORD Battleship wreck
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