Against the Empire, Level 3

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Faction: Amarr
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: EM, Therm
Recommended damage dealing: Therm, EM
Recommended ships: Drake

Upon warp-in there are 2 ship wrecks. When within 10k the ship wrecks the spawning starts. Upon destuction of some of the ships, others spawn.

Single Pocket

ships auto aggro as they spawn
15x Destroyers (Imperial Caius/Deacon/Exarp/Felix/Paladin)
8x Cruisers (Imperial Agatho/Donus/Templar Agatho)
3x Battlecruisers (Imperial Avenger/Justicar)

The 2 ship wrecks which each contain 23 crew members.

Comment by Mousy1
2008-09-22 21:55:12
This is the first page I have created so hopefully it is helpful. I didn't have time to list each spawn individually. Can do if I ever get this mission again.
Comment by SeamusDonohue
2010-01-19 22:08:41
The ship wrecks with the survivors in them are "guarded". Even if you have a friend/alt run distraction, the game absolutely will not allow you to open the ship wrecks to get the survivors out until you destroy whichever Amarrian NPC is designated as the guard. Additionally, one of the Amarrian ships is a trigger for Mission Completion, so the mission can't be turned in without destroying the ship.

This was a mission my alt accepted. My main warped in to destroy the NPCs and collect the survivors and hand them over to my alt. My alt turned in the mission and tried to share rewards with my main. My main got a 0.5401% increase with Core Complexion for the mission and a total of -0.0245% loss with the Amarr Empire for "Combat - Ship Kill". My alt got 14.375% with Core Complexion and 5.75% with Minmatar Republic.
Comment by MikeS
2010-10-10 04:33:22
@Mousy1: Yes, it is helpful, thanks!

I also found I could not loot before killing guards.
Comment by PatyrnRunner
2011-04-10 08:43:53
I had to kill all the ships to complete the mission.
+14.8273% with corp
+5.9309% with faction
-2.0919% with Amarr, Derived Modification
-0.018% with Amarr, Combat - Ship Kill
Comment by UnunoctiumAvuli
2011-06-26 19:14:47
its not bad if it is your first time
Comment by MaegwinBeregrund
2013-03-10 10:03:02
Completed on 10-03-2013
Standing gains and losses:
+18.8571% with corporation
+6.60% with faction
-3.3115% with Amarr (ouch!)
-0.011% with Amarr for Combat - Ship kill
The numbers are a bit different than what other people were reporting, I would have declined the mission if I had known the Amarr standing loss was that big to be honest.
Comment by MaegwinBeregrund
2013-03-10 10:36:16
Forgot some standing losses:
-1.3320% Caldari, Derived Modification
-4.4797% Ammatar Mandate, Derived Modification
Comment by DumbGit
2018-06-15 02:24:26
15 June 2018
First time doing this mission. Read the comments and thought that there was going to be 26 Ships sitting in the pocket when I landed.

However, the pocket is empty initially. I started towards the nearest "Ship Wreck" and after I'd gone about 4 kms the first spawn appeared. Not sure if it was a timed spawn or a "distance" spawn.

1st Spawn - 3 Destroyers. After that a couple ships spawn every couple few seconds (maybe 5-10 second intervals).
1 more Destroyer, then 2, then 1, then 1 Destroyer and 1 Battlecruiser, 2 Destroyers, 3 Destroyers, 3 Frigates, 1 Destroyers and another Battlecruiser, 1 more Battlecruiser, 2 more Battlecruisers and finally 2 Cruisers.

I had 24 ships total (confirmed with 24 wrecks).
3 Frigates,
14 Destroyers,
2 Cruisers, and
5 Battle Cruisers.

Total loot & Salvage = 11.6 mil including 10.1 mil in tags.

Note - I was still shooting the last of the BCs and CRs when I decided to try and loot the "Ship Wrecks".
I was able to loot both of them even though there were still rats on the field.
Not sure if there is a point where you can stop shooting rats earlier and loot the "Ship Wrecks".

The Corp standings gain was decent but the toon doing this Storyline mission had low skills (and standings) to begin with so I didn't bother noting the gains/losses.
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