Amarrian Tyrants, Level 2

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Faction: Amarr
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: EM/Therm
Recommended damage dealing: Therm,EM
Recommended ships: Ishkur

Single Pocket

5x Frigates (Amarr Navy Scout/Crucifier)
1x Cruiser (Amarr Navy Omen) Objective

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Comment by AsdayXyfu
2008-07-07 06:17:49
I encountered a cruiser of some description.
Comment by CaseLotek
2009-08-21 19:14:36
Just for the record, no loot to be gained from the structures.
Comment by SeamusDonohue
2009-10-23 06:03:59
The acceleration gate admits battlecruisers.

Blitz (if it could be called that): Destroy the cruiser first and warp out. Mission complete.

I used this method with my battlecruiser and got only a -0.014% standing loss with the Amarr Empire for "Combat - Ship Kill".
Comment by SeamusDonohue
2010-12-07 23:04:59
I just ran this mission, and there was no cruiser this time. The completion trigger was an "Imperial Navy Detective".
Comment by HavokMantra
2011-03-05 13:47:36
Took a 2.4% standing hit for killing cruiser only.
Comment by SeamusDonohue
2012-01-15 10:54:41
FACTION BALANCING: "toosox taron", an applicant to EVE University, tells me that he killed everything in the mission and got a -2.4% standing loss with Amarr Empire for "Combat - Ship Kill", reason "Penalty was incurred for destroying Amarr Empire's Imperial Navy Scout". CCP may have changed the mission.
Comment by AsmudeusDVal
2012-03-28 13:33:43
I've just done the mission (Crucible 1.6). Only killed the cruiser, mission was finished like this. I got -0.014% Standing with the Amarr Empire for "Combat - Ship Kill" and a derived standing modification of -0.9643%. Minmatar faction was +1.6565% and +5.5217% with the corporation Brutor Tribe (was doing level 2's in Rens).
Comment by ApocaronUltimarr
2012-03-31 21:03:27
I've just done the mission (Crucible 1.6). Only killed the cruiser.
I got:
Amarr Empire -0,8459%
Amarr Mandate -1,2723%
Caldari State -0.3362%
Sisters of Eve +1.1035
Gallente Federation +1.3301%
Minmatar Republic +1.6552%
Republic Security Services +4.7292%
Comment by FaithY
2012-04-30 14:40:53
I just killed the cruiser and got -2.4 standing hit. That was a bad mission :-(
Comment by KartofiusAlAndalus
2012-12-29 11:15:49
i took screenshots of all my standings before accepting this mission

interbus and the five pirate factions didn't change
all the other factions got only their mission and derived changes
republic security services corporations got 4.8014% mission change

i only fired at the cruiser with drones on passive = no hit
Comment by KirAlduin
2013-04-15 14:54:10
Ran this mission twice on consecutive days.
Killing only the cruiser gave me a -0.014% ship kill (in addition to derived standing).
Comment by DrXenocide
2015-01-24 14:19:38
I received no standing loss for ship kills.
Comment by CinTek
2015-01-24 23:30:33
Imperial Navy Midshipman Insignia II x2
Imperial Navy Midshipman Insignia III x2
Imperial Navy Sergeant Major Insignia I
no cruiser, I think it's a destroyer now. full clear -2.4% with amarr for ship kill
no asteroids
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