The Angel Cartel Spies, Level 3

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Faction: Angel Cartel
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Exp, Kin
Recommended damage dealing: Exp, Kin
Recommended ships: Drake

Auto aggro from the entire pocket in about 10-15 seconds

Single Pocket

3x Destroyers (Gistior Defacer/Shatterer)
4x Cruisers (Gistum Smasher/Crusher)

This video is one of 2 ways (guns vs drones) to do this mission.

Comment by DeMichaelCrimson
2010-11-28 00:49:43
Completed easily in T2 fitted and rigged Passive Shield tank with Active Hardener Arty Hurricane.

No structures or Asteroids at mission site.
Comment by GainardBold
2011-12-19 08:48:53
4 Weeks old character in T1 fitted Hurricane. 5x 650mm Jolt Artillery + 3x heavy missile launcher - 73% shield no problem. Passive shield tank.
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