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Anomaly Reports

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This page is a work in-progress, if an anomaly is not listed here feel free to create it and then contact ShintuFelper Shintu Felper in-game to have it added to this page. If you don't want to create the page yourself you can contact ShintuFelper Shintu Felper with the information on the mission and it will get created at some point. The more information, the more accurate these pages become.

TitleAngel CartelBlood RaidersGuristas PiratesSansha's NationSerpentisRogue Drone
HideawayAngelHideaway Angel CartelBloodHideaway Blood Raiders SerpentisHideaway SerpentisDroneCluster Drone Cluster
Hidden HideawayAngelHiddenHideaway Angel Cartel
Forsaken Hideaway BloodForsakenHideaway Blood Raiders SerpentisForsakenHideaway Serpentis
Forlorn HideawayAngelForlornHideaway Angel Cartel GuristasForlornHideaway Guristas Pirates SerpentisForlornHideaway Serpentis
BurrowAngelBurrow Angel Cartel SerpentisBurrow SerpentisDroneCollection Drone Collection
RefugeAngelRefuge Angel CartelBloodRefuge Blood Raiders SerpentisRefuge SerpentisDroneAssembly Drone Assembly
DenAngelDen Angel CartelBloodDen Blood RaidersGuristasDen Guristas Pirates
Hidden Den BloodHiddenHub Blood Raiders
Forsaken Den
Forlorn Den
Rally Point BloodRallyPoint Blood Raiders
Hidden Rally PointAngelHiddenRallyPoint Angel Cartel
Forsaken Rally Point
Forlorn Rally Point
PortAngelPort Angel CartelBloodPort Blood Raiders
HubAngelHub Angel Cartel GuristasHub Guristas Pirates
Hidden HubAngelHiddenHub Angel Cartel
Forsaken Hub BloodForsakenHub Blood Raiders SerpentisForsakenHub Serpentis
Forlorn HubAngelForlornHub Angel Cartel GuristasForlornHub Guristas Pirates
HavenAngelHaven Angel Cartel
Sanctum DroneHorde Drone Horde
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