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======Anomaly Template======

Please use the following template when creating new anomaly reports. [[AngelForsakenHideaway | Angel Forsaken Hideaway]] and [[DroneGathering | Drone Gathering]] are good examples of Anomaly reports.

%%======Site Name======

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Damage Dealt:
Recommended Damage Dealing:

====Single Pocket====
Brief description of the pocket, whether the rats auto-aggro on warp-in, the distance of the rats from warp-in, whether there are any iconic structures, etc.

===Initial Group===

===Wave 1===

===Wave 2===

===Wave 3 (Optional)===



~- **Faction** should indicate the type of rat you come up against in the site. Note that some sites contain more than one type of rat.
~- **Location** is where the site is found in High-Sec, Low-Sec or Null-Sec.
~- **Damage Dealt** should indicate the type of damage the enemies deal.
~- **Web/Scramble** list any rats that web or scram.
~- **Extras** refers to additional EWAR, such as Tracking Disruptors, Target Painters or ECM.
~- **Recommended Damage Dealing** should indicate the best type of damage to deal against enemies.

~- If there are several branches of spawns (e.g. [[BloodHiddenHideaway | Blood Hidden Hideaway]]), give each chain of spawns a different name so visitors can distinguish between them and make a note in the **Single Pocket** section.

~- Please list each class of ship separately, e.g. Frigate, Elite Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser, etc.
~- Note that the number of each ship in a wave can vary, so allow for this if updating an existing report. **Don't delete anything, assuming the report is wrong because your spawns are different**
~- If the spawns and triggers vastly differ, this is because most sites have two variants. If only one variant is listed on the page and you have found a different one feel free to add it, but make sure to differentiate it by naming it based on the difference in the background structures or the initial group.
~- Remember to mark faction spawns as optional.
~- Please put type of EWAR in bold next to the ship, if not all ships in that group have that EWAR specify by saying ship name in bold too. See [[DroneHorde | Drone Horde]] as an example.
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