Anomic Agent: Serpentis Burner, Level 4

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Faction: Serpentis
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Kin+Therm (50% each)
Extras: Web/Scramble (Burner Daredevil). You can not enter mission site in anything larger than a Frigate hull.
Recommended damage dealing: Exp/Kin
Recommended ship types: Assault Frigate, Pirate Faction Frigate

Pocket 1

Ship aggro on warp-in.

Hostile Ships (5 km)

1x Pirate Frigate (Burner Daredevil)

General Tips

CCP report that there is a slight chance of getting faction loot. If you don't get faction modules, the loot is mostly made of Meta modules.

5,000,000 ISK for the Burner

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Comment by UberRick
2015-03-10 01:11:16
Daredevil orbits at 10-11km
Did not give any loot worth anything, structures gave no drops.

Beat it after three tries with an enyo. Found out the hard way you have to have faction webbers or he will just orbit outside range. resists were at 87th, 91kin and it was a close race to who would blow up first. enyo dps 190rails,10rocket,25drones

final fit.
<fitting name="UberRick's Enyo">

<hardware slot="med slot 2" type="Small Capacitor Booster II"/>
<hardware slot="rig slot 1" type="Small Hybrid Burst Aerator I"/>
<hardware slot="low slot 1" type="Magnetic Field Stabilizer II"/>
<hardware slot="med slot 1" type="Federation Navy Stasis Webifier"/>
<hardware slot="low slot 3" type="Coreli A-Type Kinetic Plating"/>
<hardware slot="hi slot 4" type="Rocket Launcher I"/>
<hardware slot="rig slot 0" type="Small Anti-Thermic Pump I"/>
<hardware slot="low slot 0" type="Small Armor Repairer II"/>
<hardware slot="low slot 2" type="Centii A-Type Thermic Plating"/>
<hardware slot="hi slot 0" type="150mm Railgun II"/>
<hardware slot="hi slot 1" type="150mm Railgun II"/>
<hardware slot="hi slot 2" type="150mm Railgun II"/>
<hardware slot="hi slot 3" type="150mm Railgun II"/>
<hardware slot="med slot 0" type="Shadow Serpentis Stasis Webifier"/>
<hardware qty="1" slot="drone bay" type="Warrior II"/>
<hardware qty="1180" slot="cargo" type="Federation Navy Antimatter Charge S"/>
<hardware qty="19" slot="cargo" type="Cap Booster 200"/>
<hardware qty="463" slot="cargo" type="Caldari Navy Nova Rocket"/>
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