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======Anomic Team: Vengeance Burner, Level 4======

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Faction: Amarr
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: EM/Thermal
Web/scramble: Burner Vengeance
Extras: You can not enter mission site in anything larger than a Frigate hull.
Recommended damage dealing: Thermal
Recommended ship types: Kestrel, kiting long range frigate (25km+)
Video: [[ | Kestrel (mixed T1/T2)]]
ECM: Radar

====Pocket 1====

All ships aggro on warp-in. Burner Inquisitors are only remote repairing each other and Burner Vengeance and will not deal any damage to you.

===Hostile Ships (40-45 km)===
2x Frigates (Burner Inquisitor) **(Remote Armor Repair)**
1x Elite Frigate (Burner Vengeance)

==Kiting Tips==
- set the default orbit distance before you enter the mission site;
- set the orbit to whatever the range of your guns/launchers can support, but do not set it inside Burner Vengeance's webbing range;
- Burners can and usually do have "faction" webs, so watch out when choosing your orbit range;
- Activate your Microwarp Drive and start orbiting the Burner Vengeance as soon as you land. Otherwise, you'll end up being webbed and scrambled because Burner Vengeance is pretty fast (750-800 m/s);
- Destroy Burner Inquisitors first as they remote repair each other and the Burner Vengeance;
- Burner Vengeance uses Defender Missiles. If you notice that you are not hitting it with your own missiles, try turning off your launchers and turning them on again. This may place your firing cycle between the firing cycles of Burner Vengeance's Defender missiles;

CCP said that there is a slight chance of getting dedspace stuff in the loot. If you don't get dedspace modules, the loot is mostly made of Meta 4 modules.

5,000,000 ISK for the Burner Vengeance

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