Arisite Envy, level 4

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Mission type: Mining
Space type: Deadspace, no gate. Warp to bookmark doesn´t work.
Faction: Same as the belt rats in the system.

Acquire 9000 Green Arisite (45000 m3).

Rats the same as in the belts in the system. Only one Green Arisite (exactly 9000 units to mine).

TIP: the warp-in point is 46km from the Green Arisite. Bookmark it and warp back directly to it to save time in your barge. (This does not work anymore)

Availability: Quafe Company,
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Comment by BigBadaboom
2009-01-04 10:35:32
I just mined this mission in a 0.7 system, and there was nothing at all, besides the one Arisite rock. No Veld, nothing else, but a few broken (non-mineable) rocks.
Comment by GouvViki
2009-04-13 10:12:47
Confirmed: only 1 mineable Asteroid(Green Arisite) in the Mission Area.
Comment by MarkBailey89
2009-12-06 13:30:44
only had one frig spawn on this
Comment by LindaShadowborn
2011-08-18 20:22:47
Warping to bookmark does NOT work. You have to slowboat all the 45 kilometers these days.
Comment by FlashMala
2011-08-28 17:31:01
After slow-boating my Hulk within range, I just jet-canned the ore, and went back in a hauler with a tractor beam to get it.
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