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1. Hurricane (Standard)

Design Notes
Use: Vanguard

Cheap starter ship for incursions and plays a decent role as anti-frigate/cruiser dps if fitted well.
Assault missile launchers are fitted to synergize with its role.

Due to the very limited low slots, the resist focus is spread almost flat across all resistances at roughly 70%.
The trimark armor rig adds extra buffer, the cost of a lower kinetic resist is acceptable.

One of the tracking computers can be replaced with an AB if needed.

Starter ships may downgrade the faction modules to standard T2.
The ship has enough CPU/PG to accommodate an all T2 fit.

The ship's RR defence efficiency is low.
It may pose a challenge for logistic ships to rep if it catches the full spawn aggro.
There is not much room for mistakes, delay or inattention.

Ship Details
Gun DPS: 549 (Republic Fleet EMP) / 438 (Barrage)
Missile DPS: 31 (Sabretooth) / 40 (Sabretooth Fury)
Gun max tracking: 0.2534
Gun max range: 4.2+35km (Barrage)
Drone DPS: 184 (Hobgoblin II + Hammerhead II)
Resists: 76/71/66/74 (EM/Therm/Kin/Exp)
RR defence efficiency: 271 (per Large Solace RR)
Armor: 12777
EHP: 64,527
Scan resolution: 275mm
Targeting: 56km
Speed: 182m/s
Signature: 275m
Capacitor: Stable

Damage Control II
Imperial Navy Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane
Armor Explosive Hardener II
1600mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I
Gyrostabilizer II
Gyrostabilizer II

Tracking Computer II
Tracking Computer II
Tracking Computer II
Shadow Serpentis Stasis Webifier

425mm AutoCannon II
425mm AutoCannon II
425mm AutoCannon II
425mm AutoCannon II
425mm AutoCannon II
425mm AutoCannon II
Assault Missile Launcher II
Assault Missile Launcher II

Medium Anti-Thermic Pump I
Medium Anti-Kinetic Pump I
Medium Trimark Armor Pump I
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