Artifact Recovery, Level 2

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Mission obejective - Religious Artifac
Mon, 14 Jan 2013 09:07 UTC

Faction: Rogue Pirates.
Mission type: Encounter.
Space type: Deadspace, no gates.
Damage dealt: EM/Exp/Kin
Extras: None.
Web/scramble: None.
Recommended damage dealing: Kin/Therm
Recommended ships: Arbitrator, Vexor.

Single Pocket

Aggro on warp-in. Rats 20-30km from warp-in point.

8x Frigates (Rogue Miners aka Rogue Pirate Grunts)
8x Cruisers (Rogue Miners aka Rogue Pirates) (Thunderbolt heavy missiles.)

Mission obejective - Religious Artifact will appear in container in one of the Rogue Pirate Grunts.

Mineable Asteroid info
15 Scordite 70-90K each = 929,811
17 Veldspar about 40K each = 975,122

- Both Exp (light) and EM (heavy) are dealt, so it might be difficult in a cruiser. Tank properly.

Comment by VaniRex
2009-05-07 17:56:16
*** WARNING ***
Sometimes an Arkonor rock will spawn. The first time you mine it, it will spawn 6 more Cruisers at very close range. I lost my Itty V to them, but count myself glad it was not my hulk, too. They were easily tankable with mission craft used to clear in first place. Recommend equipping a smaller miner on your mission craft to make them spawn before going in with your carebear gear :).
Comment by MalMasters
2012-10-14 00:01:20
Thunderbolt missiles are now called Mjolnir (EM)
Comment by RevZman
2014-08-29 14:49:56
Used a navy omen, meta 3 pulse+UV running passive EM/Exp but never even got out of shields.
Comment by FlameOut
2016-03-30 23:16:49
Artifict No longer falls from grunt. Killed them all first. Cargo container ejected from last regular pirate. Last could be coincidence since I only did this once. But since CCP has been writing a lot misison blitzes out of game....
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