The Assault, Level 4

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Faction: Guristas
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Kinetic (92%)/ Thermal (from elite cruisers)
Web/ Scramble: Elite Frigates
Extras: ECM Jammer
Recommended damage dealing: Kinetic/ Thermal
Recommended ship classes: Battleship, Command Ship, HAC.
Video: Golem, Apocalypse Imperial Issue

Spawn triggers are the highest bounty battleships in a particular group. Their names will randomly change, so be sure to identify them correctly via their bounty.

Pocket 1

Auto aggro from 1st group. 2nd group and spawn will aggro drones.

1st Group (15- 31km)

Auto aggro.

2x Elite Frigates (Dire Pithi Wrecker/ Plunderer)
4x Battleships (Pith Dismantler/ Obliterator/ Destroyer/ Eliminator) Trigger, Jam

2nd Group (75- 85km)

4x Elite Cruiser (Dire Pithum Inferno/ Mortifier)
3x Battlecruiser (Pithatis Assassin/ Assaulter)

Reinforcement Spawn (117- 120km)

Auto aggro.

3-4x Battlecruiser (Pithatis Assassin/ Enforcer/ Executor/ Revolter)
3-4x Battleship (Pith Conquistador/ Eliminator/ Exterminator/ Destroyer) Jam

Pocket 1 Spawn Locations

There's fleet aggro in this pocket. First pilot to warp in will get the aggro from the 1st Group, but no aggro from the 2nd Group.
Remaining fleet members who warp in later will receive aggro from 2nd Group when they start to open fire on the 1st Group.

Structures drop no loot.

Pocket 2

Attacking the 2nd Group will aggro the 3rd Group. Reinforcement spawn will aggro drones.

1st Group (50- 60km, Ship Carcass)

2x Elite Frigate (Dire Pithi Invader/ Infiltrator) Web/ Scramble
2x Elite Cruiser (Dire Pithum Abolisher/ Eraser)
3x Battleship (Pith Dismantler/ Extinguisher)

2nd Group (65- 70km, Starbase Control Tower)

2x Elite Cruiser (Dire Pithum Annihilator/ Killer/ Murderer/ Nullifier) Jam
5x Battleship (Pith Extinguisher/ Destroyer/ Eliminator/ Conquistador) Trigger, Jam

3rd Group (110km, Caldari Station Ruins)

2x Elite Frigate (Dire Pithi Infiltrator/ Invader) Web/ Scramble
3x Destroyer (Pithior Guerilla/ Renegade)
3x Battlecruiser (Pithatis Assaulter/ Enforcer)
2x Battleship (Pith Exterminator/ Extinguisher/ Destroyer/ Conquistador) Jam

1st Reinforcement Spawn (40km)

Auto aggro. Last ship triggers spawn.

4x Cruiser (Pithum Eraser/ Inferno/ Mortifier/ Abolisher)
4x Battleship (Pith Eliminator/ Exterminator/ Conquistador) Jam

2nd Reinforcement Spawn

2x Cruiser (Pithum Eraser/ Inferno/ Mortifier)

Pocket 2 Groups at Initial Warp-In

1st Pocket: warp through the gate without killing anything.
2nd Pocket: eliminate all ships in Group 3. Warp out.

Destroying the Starbase Control Tower will prevent reinforcement group from appearing. It will however, aggro Group 2 in the process.
Recommended order of elimination: 1st, 3rd and finally 2nd group (also including reinforcement spawn when triggered).
Mission is flagged completed once you have eliminated all ships from the 3rd Group.

1st Pocket: 60 Veldspar asteroids (100- 130km, 2,402,354 units).

One Habitation Module drops 10 each of 2 low value trade goods.

Loot and Bounty
Loot + Salvage: ~6.2 mil
Bounty: ~ 20 mil

Ship Detail

1st Pocket

Qty Name Orbit
Shield Resist (%) Armor Resist (%) DPS (hp/s)
EM Exp Kin Th EM Exp Kin Th EM Exp Kin Th
2x Dire Pithi Wrecker 7.5 360 725 450 85 79 64 72 85 79 64 72 - - 18 5
4x Pith Dismantler 50 280 5,500 4,250 72 62 42 52 72 62 42 52 - - 89 -
4x Dire Pithum Inferno 45 320 1,800 1,150 90 85 72 79 90 85 72 79 - - 48 -
7x Pithatis Assassin 35 320 1,800 1,150 60 50 30 40 60 50 30 40 - - 55 -
4x Pith Eliminator 28.7 280 6,750 4,250 74 64 44 54 74 64 44 54 - - 80 16
21 Ships Total Average/ Total 70,250 47,550 73 63 44 54 73 63 44 54 - - 1,288 73

2nd Pocket

Qty Name Orbit
Shield Resist (%) Armor Resist (%) DPS (hp/s)
EM Exp Kin Th EM Exp Kin Th EM Exp Kin Th
1x Dire Pithi Invader 2.5 720 725 450 55 44 19 32 55 44 19 32 - - 19 -
2x Dire Pithum Abolisher 33 320 1,800 1,150 90 85 72 79 90 85 72 79 - - 34 18
3x Pith Dismantler 50 280 5,500 4,250 72 62 42 52 72 62 42 52 - - 89 -
2x Dire Pithum Nullifier 17.5 320 1,800 1,150 85 81 74 78 85 81 74 78 - - 24 9
5x Pith Extinguisher 35 280 6,750 4,250 73 63 43 53 73 63 43 53 - - 86 -
2x Dire Pithi Infiltrator 2.5 720 700 425 55 44 19 32 55 44 19 32 - - 17 -
3x Pithior Guerilla 16.5 400 300 250 40 30 10 20 40 30 10 20 - - 87 10
3x Pithatis Assaulter 35 320 1,800 1,150 60 50 30 40 60 50 30 40 - - 51 -
2x Pith Exterminator 28.7 280 6,750 4,250 75 65 45 55 75 65 45 55 - - 76 17
3x Pithum Eraser 23 360 1,800 1,150 58 48 28 38 58 48 28 38 - - 30 11
4x Pith Eliminator 28.7 280 6,750 4,250 74 64 44 54 74 64 44 54 - - 80 16
30 Ships Total Average/ Total 111,775 73,050 72 63 43 53 72 63 43.1 53 - - 1,843 215

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Comment by JohnKarnage
2008-05-24 20:08:46
Needs to have spawns broken out into groups with aggo assigned and the pictures need to have the groups labeled on them.
Comment by ChepeNolon
2008-05-25 16:12:58
Got this mail from Mox Kaleb:

Blitz instruction on the second pocket states that you can destroy the ships that are furthest from you on warp in, but that you shouldn't move or use drones. However, after destroying the control tower on warp in (prevents any respawn/second wave, although not sure I needed to) I moved to sentry drone range of the furthest pocket (60-90km with Warden II's), and took them out. 3 battleships aggro you, but the remaining rat groups target your drones. But as they are sentries its easy to scoop to drone bay when drone shields are getting low, then deploy them again more or less immediately. Using this method it takes only a few minutes to rip through the furthest pocket of two BS's and a couple of frigs, and complete the mission. Hope this may be of use to drone users?
Comment by LothrosAndastar
2008-05-26 18:59:04
Added group infomation
Comment by ChepeNolon
2008-05-26 19:54:57
From Kuchuruli Khamaril:

Just a small info on the Assault mission (lvl 4):
The Dire Pith Annihilator in the second pocket causes nearly complete stage aggro. But when this one is killed, and you warp in/out again, you can do the whole pocket in small groups.
Comment by VanessaVasquez
2008-06-08 03:22:55
Drones get aggro from group2 in the first pocket, even if they are still 60km away
Comment by BoomShaka
2008-07-05 04:36:57
killed both bs's first, mission wasn't completed. Finished off all of group 3 and mission was finished.
Comment by TomSchlong
2008-07-09 10:37:38
Blitzing this mission worked perfectly. You warp-in 5000km away from the gate. Approach and activate, no problem. In the next pocket the two other groups didn't mind me shooting across the site to kill group three, they left me well alone. I used 3x Kin, 1x Therm hardeners on a Raven and Kin missiles.
Comment by MrVinci
2008-09-27 18:20:17
Whole room aggro if u get to close like me:)
Comment by SenYn
2008-09-28 05:27:09
pulled full stage(Dominix) in the first pocket: 2xKin; 2xTherm hardeners, 1 EANM, 1LAR, 1MAR. Worked good for me.
Comment by HarikoTenaga
2008-12-31 07:51:13
Got Pith Exterminator in group one in the first pocket, jamming. Annoyingly it was the top bounty so I just went for the gate.
Comment by LynXeR
2009-01-08 21:51:54
Pocket 1: Veldspar Roids - 2.402.354 Units

Pocket 2: No Roids

Total: Veldspar - 2.402.354 Units
Comment by AmeliaDecker
2009-02-01 22:13:01
You can definitely tank the entire first room in a Dominix. I had 2x kin II, 2x therm hardener II, 1x dc II, 2x LAR II. 3x CCC rigs, mid slots with cap recharger II. Only had to run my second LAR II for a few minutes.
Comment by ForsteriT
2009-02-10 03:02:04
For those who are trying to kill all the rats, I accidentally found something that may make it easier. In the second room, I came very close to group 2 while attacking group 3 (within 30 km). I was aggroed by all of group 2 except for 3 BSs, effectively splitting the aggro. Among the BSs that did not aggro me was the Destroyer (highest bounty trigger). I have not tried this mission another time to confirm that it wasn't just a fluke, so use it at your own risk.
Comment by HiroEpiconthe
2009-02-12 10:42:33
Full stage agro + triggered spawn on second pocket does insane damage, in my 1484dps tanking nighthawk (kinetic/termal) they slowly broke my tank.
Comment by AleniaCalentas
2009-02-20 16:21:11
If you think you want to mine the velds, it's over 100km from warp-in. I'll pass :p
Comment by SethDeVeldrin
2009-04-13 11:23:54
Done with a Drake (70% heat, 83% kin res, 2LSE II, 3SPR II, 2 purger rigs). No tanking problems, but taking the BSs (Pith Destroyer) down with T1 Heavies takes ages. Kill order (trigger last always): group 1, reinf, group 2. Pocket 2: group 1, group 3, group 2, reinf. The group 2 in pocket 2 didnt aggro even when I went right up to about 30km of them. Reward and bounties added up to about 20m.
Comment by VaLTrantor
2009-05-25 04:13:06
JuniorChief, why should someone do this? Its not making sense at all in PvE. Purger Rigs give you a high shield recharge, Screen Reinforcer Rigs can just help against 1 specific damage type. If you take a standard Drake fitting with medslots 2 LSE t2 and 4 specific hardeners t2 (for Gurista I suggest 3 kinetic, 1 thermal!) you wont get that much more resistances with Screen Reinforcer Rigs, but you will be crippling your shield recharge without Purger Rigs.
Comment by MichalSedziwoj
2009-07-12 16:02:20
In 1 pocket trigger BS from group 1 ECM jamming me... (Pith Exterminator)
Comment by JackUnderhill
2009-07-27 11:02:34
Completed Omen Navy Issue. Read comments as well as mission. Always kill ships smallest to largest; you can tank a stage full of battleships, but the smaller ships will hurt you (your insane incoming dps will always involve them vs. the battleships, and expect to do pathetic dps against things like: Dire Pithum Inferno--resists EM 90%/Th 79%/Kin 72% with very high shield repairing). Note all the various comments regarding proximity aggro--this will become an issue. Suggest AB, NOS (for cap stable guns), 3x kin, 1x therm (or even another therm if truly needed), at least Amarr med. repper. Make sure to get the scram/webbers out of the way as soon as they become an issue--drones or Scorch. Mission not impossible, but certainly a pain.
Comment by AsCendancy
2009-08-03 19:56:32
trigger ship in 2nd pocket was orbiting me at 35km, had one with same bounty at 50
Comment by BalaNah
2009-09-09 17:53:54
Completed in Abaddon, one groupe at a time. Scorched'em all. Armor drop at 50% because I used 1 energized reflective membrane II + 1 EANM II instead of 2 EANM II :S . 1 LAR II, 2 hardeners II(1 kin, 1 ther), 1 HS II and 1 CPR II, in the remaining low slots. Pith Destroyers were a pain to kill, they were orbiting at 50 clicks.
Comment by Peon155
2009-09-17 09:39:58
Any ship with a low sensor strength is not advisable in this mission because of the ECM. You can just about get away with a drake (19 SS) by using FoF missiles when jammed, but other BCs will struggle, particularly Minmatar (16 SS). A sensor strength 22+ is advised to reduce the amount of time you are jammed.
Comment by BalaNah
2009-10-04 16:57:55
Completed in Apoc Navy issue with 8 Mega Pulse lasers II. Armor drop was minimal with 4 harderners II (2 kin + 2 therm), 1 EANM II, a LAR II and 2 HS II.
My optimal with Scorch crystals was 56 clicks because of the bonus to optimal range of the ship and gave me more DPS than the Abaddon. Jammed 3 times only.
Comment by Peon155
2009-10-06 16:27:18
Tested the jamming frequency each time I've ran this mission recently... Here's my figures for the ships I've used:

Cerberus SS 16 (ran 3 times) - times jammed 13, 17, 24
Drake SS 19 (ran once) - 10
Nightmare SS 23 (twice) - 4, 6

Thought about using a passive shield Ishtar for this as you just get agro and release the hounds... jamming is pretty irrelevant then.

Am not sure if it makes any difference but I tend to mission in lo-sec...
Comment by MrT
2009-10-13 06:12:51
Hard mission. It is manageable if u watch your agro and follow the tips.
pocket 1: Group 2 will agro drones. Tank the trigger.(Do not use drones. They will draw agro from group 2.)
Pocket 2: Snipe group 3. no pocket agro.

Bounty: 15,3 mill
Loot and salvage: 6,5 mill (Not good)
Mission: 2,45 mill
Total:24,25 mill
Comment by StrykeZor
2009-11-03 13:24:37
used drones in first pocket on group 1. They pulled aggro from group 2 and when i scooped them back into my hold group two had aggroed me. So i pulled full aggro on the first pocket in a raven, a bit hairy but i managed to tank it.
Comment by KrystalFlores
2009-11-21 02:09:42
Ran this mission with my nightmare snd i noticed fitting backup sensors reduced the number of times i was jammed.
Comment by OmniPhil
2009-12-17 23:50:02
Jamming in the 2nd pocket is crazy. Equiping an ECCM will help greatly.
Comment by ForteEXE
2009-12-24 00:29:50
Jamming in the 2nd pocket is crazy. Equiping an ECCM will help greatly.
-- OmniPhil (2009-12-17 23:50:02)

This is a very common, and incorrect, notion about Guristas/Caldari ECM. For all intents and purposes, NPC EWAR is not bound under the same rules/mechanics as the player variants.

Basically, you can't counter it past killing the ship, not getting hit by it or using a fleet member to help be the decoy. This applies to all NPC EWAR, and not just ECM.
Comment by BalaNah
2010-01-06 16:34:47
Completed in navy Issue Apoc. Used a ECCM module (best name) giving me 49 points. I have not been jammed at all.
Comment by AremonMoonserpent
2010-01-17 02:38:41
I'm about to aggro the very last group currently in my Paladin, with one T2 ECCM fitted. So far I got jammed exactly ONE time. I'll let you all do the maths :)
Comment by SmurfityBob
2010-02-01 08:09:29
Blitz information is incorrect, there is no need to destroy the elite frigates in group 3, have done this dozens of times now and only kill them if/when they get to scram range
Comment by DennSky
2010-04-13 20:48:26
Not hard mission. Completed in Drake with 82% Therm & 89% Kin resist. No tank problems (shield stoped on 75%), but some problems with jamm in 2nd pocket
Comment by Gunner75
2010-05-17 12:51:36
Just completed this mission in a Perma boost raven very easy just follow the mission guidelines on aggro control and youll be fine. I never had to warp out once. Just watch your drones so they dont aggro the pocket if you have them on aggressive

Cruise missile launcher IIx6
Drone Link Augmentorx2
Heat Dissipation Amp IIx2
Kinetic Deflection Amp IIx1
Invulnerability Field IIx1
'Copesetic' I Particle Field ampx1
Large Shield Booster II
Damage Control IIx1
Ballistic Control IIx2
Capacitor Flux Coil IIx2
Large Capacitor Control Curcuitx3
Hammerhead IIx5
Comment by DavidCarel
2010-06-19 23:02:22
Got jammed 3 times in a Tengu while running this mission.
Dissolution Sequencer with lvl IV skill -> 29 points
Comment by MaciejSimm
2010-07-27 10:50:51
guristas vs ishtar
(a haiku)

16 mag strength
got jammed over and over
yay for warden 2's
Comment by ThokiaPeacekeeper
2010-11-26 00:38:24
Done in Ishtar several times. Over the last year, it's the ship I use for this mission.
Tanks entire aggro for both rooms ...
Shoot the triggers once each in both rooms, then orbit something and let your drones go slap-happy.
Dual-rep armor tank with AB cap stable.
Comment by CmdrTarlton
2011-02-13 17:41:23
Please replace "jamming" with "dampening".
Comment by ShaunMcgowen
2011-03-05 17:53:03
pocket 1, sometimes has a few extra frigates
Comment by DarkStarKu
2011-04-02 13:34:09
Had FULL room aggro in My rattlesnake and i'm NOT a high sp pilot but shields didnt drop below 40%
Comment by ChemLib
2011-05-02 13:43:20
Had full room agro in pocket 2 while attacking group 3. Tanked only with non stop domi shield booster and cap booster on low sp raven. Take some fof with you to kill scramble frigs, jamming is rather strong.
Comment by ManoWar
2011-05-14 20:18:36
This f*cking mission is ridiculous. That much jamming is a f*cking joke. I wont even bother next time.
Comment by ValSurvives
2011-05-25 09:52:07
Even a Marauder can blitz this easily.
Done several times in a Kronos. 1x low 1x med sensor boost, just shy of 34ss. Fly through gate, attack and kill group 3. Focus down possible jammers (not always there).
Not jammed once, no agro from groups 1,2 as stated in guide.

Warning: dont take full agro unless you're in a t2/3 cruiser or a bs that's exceptionally well tanked AND jam resistant at the same time.
Comment by FalRen
2011-05-29 00:54:45
The jamming on this mission is absolutely insane. Especially in the first room, where most of the Battleships had jamming. I'd reccomend passing on this mission unless you're using a ship with a high natural sensor strength or you're patient and willing to put up with getting locked down pretty consistently. Of course, payout is pretty good
Comment by KalessanTheGreat
2011-07-06 16:32:31
I think they reduced the jamming a lot, for this mission. I just did it, and I only got jammed once in the first pocket. Not at all in the second.

Pretty decent mission bounty-wise, I got about 18 million ISK killing everything, which took me about 40 minutes in a CNR.
Comment by ChenParn
2011-07-30 03:09:39
Confirmed alot less jamming. However I did notice a bug where exterminator wrecks will try to jam you if you salvage them!
Comment by BulabaJones
2011-10-31 23:23:20
I'd also like to confirm that the insane amount of jamming on this mission has been fixed by CCP (thank GOD!!!). Every so often though you'll get one or two Exterminator/Eliminators in room 1 and/or room 2. However, overwhelmingly you'll only encounter non-jamming battleships.

Group 2 in Room 2 DOES have 2 elite jamming cruisers every time I've done this mission lately.

So, mostly the jamming is gone. Sometimes you encounter a little bit, but it's fine now.
Comment by TheGrimlife
2012-01-01 11:36:56
I dont got a highest bounty trigger in 2nd pocket. 4 bs(conquistador 993.750.00 bounty on all 4), 5th bs (destoryer 881.250.00 bounty) so what ones the trigger.
And i found most dps in 2nd pocket came of the "Dire" frigates
Comment by TheGrimlife
2012-01-01 11:47:52
trigger for me was the conquistador flying apart from the rest.
Comment by PsychoticPsychosis
2012-03-17 12:50:18
Killed all in a shitfit Raven, Very easy if you foillow the tips, bring a drone augmentor definitely.
Comment by KartofiusAlAndalus
2012-07-07 02:51:06
the trigger in 2nd pocket wasn't the highest bounty battleship
Comment by ReaveR894
2012-07-16 12:02:28
I had 2 Dire Pithum Killers in Pocket 2 group 2. These cruisers jammed me once.
Comment by IntificialUs
2012-07-22 09:48:06
If you have a ship with a high sensor strength like a Tengu, you probably won't ever even get jammed.
Comment by MadBunny
2012-12-10 19:18:19
Looks like CCP intentionally or not changed this mission. First pocket its same, just go to the warp gate and jump to the second pocket. Now in second pocket regardless what group you aggro after few sec there will be full pocket aggro. Tested 5 times and each time i was far away from grp 1 and 2 (min 55km and up) but once i start shooting at grp 3 i got pocket aggro. Only difference i saw was ships from grp 2 - 2 out of 5 times 3 BS from same grp didnt aggroed me (2 of them with highest bounty). If anyone have encounter same thing please post it, with still heavy jamming and 2 frigates with web/scram someone can easy get into trouble.
Comment by ZarakiKenpachi
2013-01-03 08:18:15
Done it in a tengu. Very easy mission.
Done it in a vindicator. Fitted an ab to get close to the reinforcements in pocket 1 while cleaning the rest of npc's. Pocket 2 I just burn ab till I get near the station by 20km and kill all the way till I got there.
Comment by JimParsons
2013-01-06 22:40:22
Some of the rat names have changed, but I just did this mission, and in Pocket 2 I targeted one of the BS rats, and only that group aggroed when I started to attack. After they all popped, I targeted one from Group 3, and only that group aggroed. After they all popped, mission was flagged complete.
Comment by BasBoshoven
2013-02-17 08:08:54
Mission Ship: Scorpion Navy Issue
Omni Tank: 1014 (cap stabble, lazy fittings.)
Cruise Missles: 400ps - 130km range.
Drones: 5*Hobgoblin II - 78Dps

(low damage lazy farm ship, aggro full rooms.)

Salvage Ship: Noctis
High slots: 4*Small Tractor Beam I
High slots: 4*Salvager I
Mid slots: Experimental 10MN Afterburner I
Mid slots: Experimental 10MN Microwarpdrive I
Low Slots: 3* Expanded Cargohold II
Rigs: 3* Medium Salvage Tackle I
Cargohold: 3.000m3 +-

Tractor Beam Range: 80km
Mission: The Assault (Guristas Pirates)
Mission Time: 60 Minits
Mission LP/Bounty/Reward: 3400LP - 22M

Salvage Time: 14 Minits
Salvage Value: 15M
Comment by GeldgeilGeld
2013-06-06 19:03:44
Really stupid mission for amarr ships and sniper players
Enemys hit Apoc even at 150 km range. Also very low dps against those ships

Suggest declining or Blitz through and just kill thos group 3 in 2. room
Comment by LolesChech
2013-08-19 13:36:56
Pocket two: Highest bounty battleship was not the trigger. I had a Pith Conquistador with higher bounty and it was not the trigger. Maybe Pith Conquistador is not a trigger.
Comment by JaanTrag
2014-01-08 15:55:33
Last Pith Conquistador in group 3 triggered the reinforcements. also there was 3 Pith Conquistador-s in Group 3 all had the same bounty
Comment by JimeSunji
2016-11-15 10:17:56
Really tough mission for a sniper Raven. Destroyers hit you at 200 Km and the loot is not great! I will skip this next time.
Comment by SantaroOramara
2016-12-04 20:24:02
Used a Caracal, stayed at range (~65km) and never got jammed. Mortifiers in Pocket 1 forced me to dock once to reload shields as I wasn't fitted for Thermal resist. After that my shields never dropped below 50% the rest of the way.

Pocket 1: 2 Frigate, 4 Cruiser, 6 Battlecruiser, 8 Battleship

Pocket 2: 4 Frigate, 3 Destroyer, 4 Cruiser, 3 Battlecruiser, 10 Battleship

23M bounty, 4M loot.

5x T2 Heavy Missile Launcher w/Scourge Fury heavy missiles

2x T2 Large Shield Extender
1x T2 10MN Afterburner
1x T2 Adaptive Invulnerability Field
1x T2 Kinetic Deflection Field

3x T2 Ballistic Control System
1x T2 Missile Guidance Enhancer

Rigged with:
T2 Medium Core Defense Field Extender
T2 Medium Ancillary Current Router
T1 Medium Processor Overclocking Unit
Comment by DarkMaserri
2017-03-30 11:32:15
This is a middle finger mission for amarrian ships, doeable though!
Comment by SteppinRazor
2017-04-01 04:31:42
Sequence of attacking groups Group 1->3->2 works (leaving Pith Conquistador for last)
Mission+Time Reward : 2.9M ISK, Bounty : +20M ISK, Salvage+Loot : 7.3M ISK, LP : 6946
Fun mission
Comment by SteppinRazor
2017-04-03 13:53:29
Mission+Time Reward : 3.4M ISK, Bounty : +20M ISK, Salvage+Loot : 5.7M ISK, LP : 6946
In 44min time (including travel and salvage)
Comment by DumbGit
2018-03-01 03:02:22
1 Mar 2018
Just tried to blitz this and it didn't work. Landed in Pocket 1, 3,500m from gate. Didn't shoot anything, popped into Pocket 2.
Started locking/shooting everything in Group 3, keeping track of what aggro'd me and what was in the group.
Popped the last ship completion.

Started locking and popping Group 1. No aggro from Group 2. Finished them (no completion) and started on Group 2. All 5 BSs were Pith Destroyers. Killed the 2 Elite cruisers, then one of the BSs. Started on the 2nd BS and the first Spawn arrived so no idea what the trigger was for that.

Popped the control tower so Spawn 2 never appeared. Got the completion after killing the last ship from Spawn 1.

(Note: Mission briefing says "Kill all enemy forces" so maybe they removed the "blitz" from the mission.)
Comment by DumbGit
2018-03-01 04:27:07
1 Mar 2018
Just got the same mission again, minutes after turning in the last one (same agent/system/toon/etc).
Tried to blitz it again and again it didn't work.

Same procedure, warped into Pocket one (6,500m away from the gate this time). Went through the gate without shooting anything. Landed in Pocket 2, locked and popped all the ships in Group 3 and didn't get the completion flag.

Popped the Control tower and Group 2 aggro'd. Killed the 2 Elite Cruisers and got D/C'd (!^*$#*#(^*&@!!)
Got back in, finished Group 2, no completion.
Started on Group 3, beginning with the frigates and one of the Elite Cruisers. Then the 2 Pith Dismantlers, leaving an Elite Cruiser and the Pith Extinguisher to the end.
Took out the 2nd Elite Cruiser and finally the last BS and the mission flagged as complete.

So, the "blitz" is to enter Pocket 1 and jump through the gate into Pocket 2 (no need to shoot anything). Then kill all the ships in pocket 2.
I would suggest the following order:
Group 3
Group 1
Starbase Control Tower (to prevent the spawns)
Group 2

Next time I will try going Group 1, 3, Control Tower, then 2 and see how that works (in case going for 1 aggros another group or something).
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