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======The Assault, Level 4======

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Faction: Minmatar Republic
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace (MWD works)
Damage dealt: Explosive/ Kinetic
Extras: Target Painting
Recommended damage dealing: Explosive
Video: [[ | Golem]], [[ | Apocalypse Imperial Issue]]

Some spawn seem to be triggered by popping a certain ship, while others seem to appear randomly.

==== 1st Pocket ====

===Initial Group ===
2x Elite Frigate (Chief Republic Gleeda) **Trigger, Target Painter**
3x Elite Cruiser (Chief Republic Rodul)
4x Battlecruiser (Republic Nutia/ Tribal Venis)

=== 1st Spawn ===
2x Elite Frigate (Cheif Republic Gleeda) **Target Painter**

=== 2nd Spawn ===
3x Battleship (Republic Sigur/ Tribal Pytara/ Tribal Jarkl) **Target Painter**

=== 3rd Spawn ===
2x Elite Frigate (Cheif Republic Kvarm) **Target Painter**

=== 4th Spawn ===
3x Battlecruiser (Republic Nutia/ Norn)

=== 5th Spawn ===
3x Battleship (Republic Sigur/ Ymir) **Target Painter**

=== 6th Spawn ===
1x Battleship (Republic Sigur/ Ymir) **Target Painter**

==== 2nd Pocket ====

===Initial Group ===
3x Cruiser (Republic Tribal Venis/ Norn)
1x Battleship (Republic Sigur/ Ymir)

=== 1st Spawn (Asteroid Colony) ===
2x Battleship (Republic Tribal Sigur/ Jotun / Pytara)

=== 2nd Spawn (Asteroid Colony) ===
1x Battleship (Repbulic Tribal Sigur/ Jotun / Pytara)

=== 3rd Spawn (Dysfunctional Solar Harvester) ===
2x Battleship (Republic Tribal Jarl)
3x Elite Frigate (Chief Republic Ivan)

=== 4th Spawn (Asteroid Colony) ===
2x Battleship (Republic Tribal Jotun)

=== 5th Spawn (Big Asteroid) ===
2x Battleship (Republic Tribal Sigur)

=== 6th Spawn (Asteroid Colony) ===
1x Elite Frigate (Chief Republic Magni) **Scramble**

=== 7th Spawn (Big Asteroid) ===
3x Elite Cruiser (Chief Republic Orka)

Pocket 1: Kill order: 4x Battlecruisers, 2x Elite Frigates, 3x Elite Cruisers, 2x Elite Frigates, (**You have to one-shot each of the elite frigates from group 3.** Then the gate is unlocked and you can jump to pocket 2. Other groups in pocket 1 spawn after few minutes, if they spawn the gate is locked again).
Pocket 2: Approach Dysfunctional Solar Harvester. After killing first 3 spawns mission is completed.

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