Augumene Allergen, Level 1

Five parts.

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Part 1

Mission type: Mining

Mine 333 units of Augumene ( 99.9m³ ) and return back to Your Agent.

(Only system-specific standard belt spawns if any rats at all.)

Part 2

Mission type: Courier

Part 3

Mission type: Encounter

Rescue the surviving scientists from the quarantine station.

Part 4

Mission type: Encounter
Faction: Amarr Empire

Destroy the Quarantine Station and any Amarrian ships in the area.

Single Pocket

Full aggro on Warp-In.
Distance: 5-6km from Warp-in.
3x Frigates (2x Imperial Disciple, 1x Imperial Forian)

Part 5

Mission type: Encounter
Faction: Amarr Empire

Approach the Quarantine Station Ruins, acquire a piece of Minmatar DNA and produce the Modified Augumene Antidote for your agent.

You must have the skill Industry at least at level 1 to accomplish the mission objective of part 5.

Comment by ShrikeDeCil
2010-07-20 20:29:19
In Part I, there was 34085 Veldspar in the pocket as well.
Comment by SeamusDonohue
2010-09-01 00:37:48
FACTION BALANCING: Step 4 incurs a -2.4% standing loss with Amarr Empire for "Combat - Ship Kill". Missionrunners might be well advised to decline that step, though I don't know if this causes a replacement mission to be offered instead.
Comment by GainardBold
2013-03-21 11:03:02
Declining step 4 ends the string of missions, no other repercussions.
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