The Blockade, level 1

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Faction: Concord
Mission type: Encounter
Normal space: no gates (note mwd: effectiveness not known as I didn't equip one)
Damage Dealt: All kinds
Extras: conditional waves
Web: yes (stasis tower with range over 100km)/warp scramblers: no
Recommended damage dealing: kin/therm/em/exp, NPCs have equal resists for all damage types
Recommended ship: Rifter

Single Pocket

Upon warpin there is a Stasis Tower and 12-15 enemies in 3 or 4 smaller groups of mixed size and types. When you approach the tower will web you and all soldiers will aggress:

Wave 1

(numbers are approximate)
3 x DED Soldier 1st Class (Frigate)
4 x DED Soldier 2nd Class (Frigate)
8 x DED Soldier 3rd Class (Frigate)

Wave 2, 3 and 4

Later waves of soldiers similar in composition to the previous waves will warpin at a fair distance of 30kms or more. Each wave is triggered by the last ship in the preceding wave.There will be many DED soldiers - about 50-60 in the mission - arriving in four waves of 12-15 ships.


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Comment by AmaruDeltmartuk
2008-07-25 04:34:27
Best done in a Thrasher, can stay in mission area all night long with invuln field
Comment by DragonBlue
2008-11-09 04:03:29
Setup A [Rifter, shield tank] Setup B [Rifter, long range]
Low slots
Basic Nanofiber Internal Structure Pneumatic Stabilization Actuator I
Damage Control I F-aQ Phase Code Tracking Subroutines
Sigma-Nought Tracking Mode I F-aQ Phase Code Tracking Subroutines
Mid slots
Cold-Gas I Arcjet Thrusters Civilian Afterburner
Civilian Shield Booster I Alumel-Wired I Sensor Augmentation;
charge: Targeting Range scripts
Small Shield Extender I Small Azeotropic Ward Salubrity I
High slots
200mm AutoCannon I, EMP S 280mm Prototype I Siege Cannon, Carbonized Lead S
200mm AutoCannon I, EMP S 280mm Prototype I Siege Cannon, Carbonized Lead S
200mm AutoCannon I, EMP S 280mm Prototype I Siege Cannon, Carbonized Lead S
Rocket Launcher I, Gremlin Rocket [empty high slot]
Rigs (none used)

Initially I used setup A and found it to have a low survivability. I had lots of speed (max velocity 914m/s), and no long range firepower, so it was easy to keep out of range, but not possible to do damage to anyone. I didn't have enough tank to be able to withstand the damage being dealt by a number of enemies, and couldn't kite well enough to keep stringing them out. Risky as it was, the speed setup helped to destroy the stasis tower as I was more mobile when webbed. I had some luck by warping out and warping back in and the stasis tower was positioned within my targeting and rocket range. I didn't seem to be able to bookmark the tower for later warpin.

To finish the mission I changed to setup B doing maximum damage at range (optimum 10km, and out to 30km) with a smaller speed/shield tank and this was lovely. But I may not have had sufficient speed to survive the first part of the mission while webbed. So I would think in a frigate you have to be careful about your setup, and be prepared to be flexible – the two setups cost about 3 million ISK each, so it is not unrealistic. Of course a larger ship could handle the whole scenario with ease, Tech 2 fitout with support skills would provide more of an edge as well.
Comment by InfiniteZer0
2010-08-02 14:16:01
What agent did you get this mission from??
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