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The Blockade, level 1

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Faction: Concord
Mission type: Encounter
Damage Dealt: All kinds
Recommended damage dealing: None, equal resists on all ships.
Recommended ships: Rifter

NPC's: DED Soldier 1 Class, DED Soldier 2 Class, DED Soldier 3 Class (Frigates)

At warpin a Stasis Tower will hit you from roughly 20km, and you will get aggro from a number of DED Soldiers. Kite them away from tower and warp out. That will give you time to put out the tower at a new warpin. I recommend killing the DED's in the order they are numbered. 1 first and 3 last, as I experienced the 1's to be the hardest hitting ones. Take them out group by group, and don't get nervous when new warpins are triggered. New warpins will be at distance, so just keep the groups separated and you will be fine. There will be a total number of 47 DED Soldiers, at least it was for me, so make sure you have an enduring setup. No scramblers experienced. Loot table is biased towards energy/capacitor and e-war. All soldiers drop tags.

As the DED's are close combat fighters, this mission might be done with ease kiting the DED's from a missile platform. Not tested though.
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