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======The Blockade, level 1======

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Faction: Concord
Mission type: Encounter
Normal space: no gates (note mwd: effectiveness not known as I didn't equip one)
Damage Dealt: All kinds
Extras: conditional waves
Web: yes (stasis tower with range over 100km)/warp scramblers: no
Recommended damage dealing: kin/therm/em/exp, NPCs have equal resists for all damage types
Recommended ship: Rifter

====Single Pocket====
Upon warpin there is a Stasis Tower and 12-15 enemies in 3 or 4 smaller groups of mixed size and types. When you approach the tower will web you and all soldiers will aggress:

===Wave 1===
(numbers are approximate)
3 x DED Soldier 1st Class (Frigate)
4 x DED Soldier 2nd Class (Frigate)
8 x DED Soldier 3rd Class (Frigate)

===Wave 2, 3 and 4===
Later waves of soldiers similar in composition to the previous waves will warpin at a fair distance of 30kms or more. Each wave is triggered by the last ship in the preceding wave.There will be many DED soldiers - about 50-60 in the mission - arriving in four waves of 12-15 ships.

- 1st class DED soldiers represent the biggest threat with the shortest range (7 500m) weapons. 2nd and 3rd class soldiers are less of a threat and fire from a longer range (10 000m). All soldiers are clustered in groups (about 3 or 4 groups of varying size) per wave. Attack groups separately to try and avoid allowing them to gang up on you.
- Until the tower is destroyed warping out is your only defence if you are swamped by the enemy. Drawing the soldiers away from the tower is the first step, then blowing up the tower is the next step. Once the tower is destroyed kill further waves of reinforcements.
- Take them out group by group, and don't get nervous when new enemy warpins are triggered. New enemy warpins will be at distance, so try and keep the groups separated. Have a survivable setup.
- This is a rich mission with muliple objectives. Firstly destroy the tower, and then kill the waves of concord soldiers - so be prepared. The loot table is biased towards energy/capacitor and electronic warfare. All soldiers drop tags.

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