The Blockade, Level 1

(Content mindlessly copypasted from The Blockade, Level 2 and edited slightly)

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Faction: Sansha's Nation
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Normal
Web: Starbase Stasis Tower
Recommended damage dealing: em/therm
Recommended ships: Almost any (DR: from Easy to Medium, if you didn't something Real Stupid(tm))
Video: Punisher
Blitz: Kill trigger in every spawn (complete mission objectives asking you to "Kill their high-ranking officers")
Blitz DR:
Frigate: Medium to hard
Elite frigate: Easy
Destroyer: Easy to medium
Elite destroyer: Easy
Cruiser and up: cakewalk

Single Pocket

5 waves of Sansha's Nation ships. Each wave has 1 trigger ship. It is usually (one of) the ships with the highest bounty. (Honestly, it is the one (rarely two) ship(s) with unique name in spawn (TA)) Beware, the asteroids in this mission are rigged with strong smartbombs, so mine them at your own risk. Although the ships themselves may differ from what you see, the total dps should never change (much).

WAVE 1 (On Warp-in)

1x Starbase Stasis Tower (you must kill it if you want to blitz this mission)
3x Centii Minion
1x Centii Plague (trigger)


4x Centii Minion
2x Centii Servant
1x Centii Ravener (trigger)


6x Centii Servant
1x Centii Savage (trigger)


4x Centii Minion
3x Centii Servant
1x Centii Slavehunter (trigger)


4x Centii Savage
1x Centii Plague

Sorry for such "about" ship count, I blitz'ing it and it was hard to count all ships at the end.
Also it is not easy to distinct Sansha destroyers from frigates, so I'm not sure about 4'th and 5'th waves content.

Mineable Asteroid info

lots (100+) of veldspar asteroids

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Comment by KopruAlti
2009-06-28 14:54:35
For me the ships were:
Centii Plague x1 (Trigger)
Centii Servant x4
Statis Tower

Centii Ravener x1 (Trigger)
Centii Servant x5
Centii Minion x1

Centii Servant x7
Centii Savage x1 (Trigger)

Centii Minion x4
Centii Servant x4
Centii Slavehunter x1 (Mission Complete Trigger)

I think CCP changed the ship layouts between 2008 and 2009.
Comment by MiniTach
2009-08-13 16:36:46
Veldspar roids x120, unsure about the amount.
Comment by TontoAuri
2010-02-19 23:58:28
Ship spawns fluctuate from mission to mission, so listing exact names is not very helpful. I've noticed it soon after they got their first pass on "Need For Speed"(tm), when they altered mission spawn mechanics (rats now spawn AFTER you enter the pocket in most missions, so you never find you in situations, where you warp in - lag - dead...)
Comment by DeMichaelCrimson
2010-10-18 01:26:34
All NPC groups are Frigates and located far from each other. Fit Afterburner for faster mission completion. Auto aggro from all groups spawned.

Warp in (1 group)
Stasis Tower x1
Centii Enslaver x1 (Trigger)
Centii Minion x4

Wave 2 (3 groups)
(Group 1)
Centii Minion x1

(Group 2)
Centii Servant x2

(Group 3)
Centii Scavenger x1 (Trigger)
Centii Servant x2

Wave 3 (2 groups)
(Group 1)
Centii Minion x3

(Group 2)
Centii Servant x4
Centii Slavehunter x1 (Trigger)

Wave 4 (2 groups)
(Group 1)
Centii Minion x3

(Group 2)
Centii Servant x3
Centii Savage x1 (Trigger)

Wave 5 (1 group)
Centii Savage x4
Centii Plague x1 (Trigger mission completion)

Confirmed - Veldspar Asteroids x120

Structures do not drop loot. Don't waste time or munitions blowing them up.

Ship names are indeed random, have completed this mission a few times and the names of each wave have all been a little different. Easy to see which one is the trigger in each spawn due to the name being single from all the rest.
Comment by TandemRunner
2011-09-26 21:34:10
4,540,475 units of veldspar by my count.
Comment by ArboLeda
2011-11-05 18:21:38
Ran this in a Coercer (Amarr destroyer). Mobs seem to melt from either EM (moreso) or thermal. Next time would bring a afterburner as they appear from 100km at several points.
Comment by MalMasters
2012-08-07 06:46:50
Hardners to use against Sansha Nation: EM/Thermal.
Damage type to use against Sansha Nation: EM.
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