The Blockade, level 2

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Faction: Guristas
Mission type: Encounter
Damage dealt: Kin/Therm
Webbing: Starbase Stasis Tower
Recommended damage dealing: Kinetic

Note: The waves are random, this is just an example.

First Wave

1x Starbase Stasis Tower
4x Pithi Demolisher (Frigate class)
3x Pithior Anarchist (Destroyer class)
1x Pithior Nihilist (Destroyer class) -- TRIGGER

Second Wave

Spawns 60km away (Approx)
1x Pithi Sabetour (Frigate class)
3x Pithi Demolisher (Frigate class)
6x Pithior Nihilist (Destroyer class)
3x Pithium Ascriber (Cruiser class)
1x Pithium Silencer (Cruiser class) -- TRIGGER

Third Wave

Spawns 60-70km (Approx)
4x Dire Pithi Despoiler (Frigate class) JAMMING
3x Pithior Renegade (Destroyer class)
3x Pithior Nihilist (Destroyer class)
1x Pithum Silencer (Cruiser class) -- TRIGGER

Fourth Wave

Spawns60-80km away (Approx)
3x Pithi Wrecker (Frigate class)
3x Dire Pithi Demolisher (Frigate class)
2x Pithior Nihilist (Destroyer class)
1x Pithum Ascriber (Cruiser class) -- TRIGGER

Fith Wave

Spawns 50km away (Approx)
4x Pithi Destructor (Frigate class)
3x Pithior Terrorist (Destroyer class)
1x Pithium Eraser (Cruiser class)

Comment by RolandDeschain
2008-07-31 14:13:12
Destroy the Starbase Stasis Tower first, because it slows your ship heavy down
Comment by TontoAuri
2008-07-31 17:42:25
Blitz: Kill trigger in every spawn (complete mission objectives asking you to "Kill their high-ranking officers")
Comment by AleniaCalentas
2008-12-26 12:18:11
I tried to mine this mish, but after my first mining laser cycled my retriever received 500 damage:

16:14:20 Combat Beacon hits you, doing 500.0 damage.

I placed a petition requesting some clarification on this and the answer was:

"This is actually by design. I'm not sure that it's actually supposed to say that it's the beacon that fires, I believe it's supposed to be environmental damage, but this apparently was put in to make mining in the mission area very difficult."

Too bad, because the mish has plagioclase, pyroxeres, and a huge 130k Veldspar asteroid. Anyway, taking out all the structures does not work although the space station some 100+km away has loot. None of the other structures have loot.
Comment by KeryNysell
2009-02-25 20:17:20
A few notes about mining this mission :

- It's still the Beacon that fires, and the message in Local was this "Someone triggered a hidden trap placed on one of the asteroids here. The trap causes a powerful smartbomb to go off, damaging many ships in the vicinity."

- Mining Drones don't trigger the waves, and all drones seem immune to them (I use Shield Maintenance Bots to "tank" the waves).

- The damage waves launched by the "trapped asteroids" are EM damage, by fitting the right hardeners on my mining ships, I reduced them to manageable levels, but they affect the entire room (my other ship that was 160 kms away looting the Space Station took the waves too).

- Apart from the 130K veldspar 'roid already mentionned, there are also 10 'roids of veldspar (with "random" amounts from 10K to 70K) totalling roughly 626K of veldspar, 8 plagioclase 'roids with random amounts (~248K) and 6 pyroxeres 'roids, also with random amounts (~155K).

All in all, with a good tank on the mining ships (I used 2 Hulks with 1 anti-EM rig and an Invul Field II each, my "standard" fitting), it can be mined ... not "very difficult", but a bit different ...
Comment by InfiniteZer0
2010-07-20 10:17:37
The 3 Dire Pithi Sabetour Jam like Crazy
Comment by DudiRipper
2011-03-17 06:24:21
Yea I recommend use tracking computer
Comment by NakAn
2011-04-03 19:53:23
50x metal scraps 10 frozen plant seed and 10 spiced wine dropped from structure ship maint bay. Beter have space.
Comment by MilNoch
2012-03-15 23:58:27
Dire Pithi Despoilers jam as well.
Comment by JmKing
2012-06-14 21:38:15
I have a Dread Guristas Destroyer with the last spawn. Seems to apear sometimes.
Comment by KeryNysell
2012-12-14 14:58:46
Jamming really IS a pain in this mission.

Did it three times, and for me the trigger of the first wave was one of the three Pithior Anarchists, not the Pithior Nihilist.
Comment by JijojiAldent
2013-02-20 01:48:06
I got 190-375 dmg per miner cycles in this mission with a hulk. also my mining drone II's are wiped clean, they're NOT immune..
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