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======The Blockade, Level 2======

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Faction: Sansha's Nation
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Normal
Damage dealt: em 54% / therm 46%
Web: Starbase Stasis Tower
Recommended damage dealing: em/therm
Recommended ships: Arbitrator (DR: Easy)

====Single Pocket====

5 waves of Sansha's Nation ships. Each wave has 1 trigger ship. It is usually (one of) the ships with the highest bounty. Beware, the asteroids in this mission are rigged with strong smartbombs, so mine them at your own risk. Although the ships themselves may differ from what you see, the total dps should never change (much) and the numbers below should give you a good idea of what to expect.

These ships are all short range, if you begin the engagement at 50km and kite them, you'll likely not need your hardeners at all.

==WAVE 1 (On Warp-in)==
1x Starbase Stasis Tower {kill this first}
9 Assorted Frigates and Destroyers
Total = EM 62, Therm 46 = 108 dps

===WAVE 2===
3x Centii Plague
1x Centii Savage
3x Centior Cannibal
3x Centum Ravager
1x Centum Ravisher
Total = EM 87, Therm 77 = 164 dps

==WAVE 3==
4x Centii Loyal Slavehunter
3x Centior Cannibal
3x Centior Devourer
1x Centum Ravisher
Total = EM 105, Therm 92 = 197 dps

==WAVE 4==
3x Centii Butcher
4x Centii Loyal Plague
3x Centior Misshape
1x Centum Ravisher
Total = EM 107, Therm 98 = 205 dps

3x Centii Enslaver
4x Centior Horror
1x Centum Hellhound/Fiend
Total = EM 102, Therm 78 = 180 dps

**Mission Total DPS: EM 464, Therm 391 = 855 dps**

**Don't mine roids or you'll be attacked by "Beacon", that deals about 2000 damages in 10 seconds.**

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