The Blockade, level 3

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Faction: Guristas
Mission type: Deadspace w/o gate
Damage dealt: Kin/Therm
Extras: Jamming
Recommended damage dealing: Kinetic
Ships used: Drake, Tengu

WARNING: The first trigger is the DESTROYER, very easy to accidentally kill in one hit if you are not paying attention.

Note: The trigger in waves with multiple ships as highest bounty is random.
(Right click - show info to check bounty. Multiple battlecruisers will have the same bounty, it will be a random one of the highest bounty.)

It is recommened to bring a well fitted battlecruiser with 1 Kenetic Hardener, 1 Thermal, and 1 Invulerability. Bring a friend if possible for a much faster run.


1x Stasis Tower
1x Destroyer (Pithior Renegade) TRIGGER
4x Elite Cruiser (Dire Pithum Abolisher/Eraser/Mortifier)
4x Battlecruiser (Pithatis Enforcer/Exectuor)

First Wave: (50-80km from beacon)

1-2x Frigate (Pithi Plunderer/Wrecker)
5-6x Destroyer (Pithior Anarchist/Nihilist/Renegade/Supremacist/Terrorist)
8-9x Battlecruiser (Pithatis Assassin/Assaulter/Enforcer/Executor) Highest Bounty TRIGGER

Second Wave: (100-130km from beacon)

4x Destroyer (Pithior Anarchist/Nihilist/Renegade/Supremacist)
2x Elite Cruiser (Dire Pithum Mortifier)
6-7x Battlecruiser (Pithatis Assassin/Death Dealer/Enforcer/Executor) Highest Bounty TRIGGER

Third Wave:

3-4x Elite Frigate (Dire Pithi Plunderer/Wrecker)
2-3x Cruiser (Pithum Abolisher/Eraser)
5-8x Battlecruiser (Pithatis Assassin/Assaulter/Enforcer) Highest Bounty TRIGGER

Fourth Wave: (15-30km from beacon)

4x Elite Frigate (Dire Pithi Despoiler/Saboteur) JAMMING
5x Battlecruiser (Pithatis Death Dealer/Revolter) Completes Mission

Standing Loss
-3.0% was incurred for destroying Guristas Pirates's Caldari Stasis Tower

Loot: ~3,100,000 isk
Salvage: ~1,500,000 isk
Bounties: ~6,000,000 isk

Do not attempt unless you have very good tank AND dps. Kill every Trigger, then the last 5 battlecruisers on the fourth wave to complete misssion.

Comment by TontoAuri
2008-07-31 17:41:57
Blitz: Kill trigger in every spawn (complete mission objectives asking you to "Kill their high-ranking officers")
Comment by WheatGrass
2008-08-11 08:49:11
"The pirates have managed to take control of a stasis tower near the stargate."
Comment by VaLTrantor
2008-12-10 06:23:54
The first 3 spawns will come from a quite large distance (100 km +), keep that in mind if you want to accomplish the mission fast. I highly recommend the use of the fitting suggested in the mission description (1 therm, 2 kin, 1 invul) because there is pretty heavy thermal damage for a Gurista mission.

In spawn 3 I encountered 3 x Pithathis Enforcer , 3 x Pithatis Executor and 3 cruiserclass ships. Killing all Enforcers triggered the next spawn. Spawn 4 comes up very close (15-20 km from warpin), in my mission there were 4 Pithathis Death Dealer, killing the first completed the mission.
Comment by DaveM
2009-01-19 11:57:05
Not that bad of a mish with a Drake;

2 Heat Disapators
2 Kinetic Deflectors Lvl II
1 Large FS8 Shield extender
7 Heavy Missile launchers
1 Ballistic Control unit Lvl 1
1 Beta Reactor Control unit
Comment by DaveM
2009-01-25 11:22:13
This time the I was nearly overwhelmed when I accidentally triggered the first wave almost as soon as I warped in. Had to warp out twice during initial 2 waves. After that I was able to stay until end, finishing all consecutive waves/triggers.
Comment by CalyUrs
2009-02-06 02:05:07
If you use the trigger well you should have time to reload and allow your tank to regen before you pop the last ship. Had I not taken a breather for a few moments before each wave I would have been easily overwhelmed.

I completed this in this Drake:

7x Limos heavy Launcher I's
2x Invul II's, 1 Kinetic Amp II, 1 LSE II, 2x SR II's
2x BCU II's, 1x SPR II, 1x PDS II

I spawned the fourth wave too soon and was forced to warp out and kite the jammers for 100km.
Comment by XsfSlayer
2009-03-24 15:42:47
I also got varied spawns. I noticed, at least for first; second; third; and fourth waves, the triggers were the single rats that stayed the farthest away from you. Might not be the case for everyone, but was the case for me.
Comment by WayneVazLam
2009-04-05 04:31:41
Just a word of took me four hours to do this mission in a Prophecy. There's a lot of DPS, a lot of targets, and they all have absurd range (particularly the jammers, which can nail you at > 250 km...riiiiiight).
Comment by MsDelerium
2009-04-30 15:41:02
This is probably the hardest level3 mission. It takes years to complete even with a well fitted and rigged Drake (21k shield + T2 resists + 7x missilers) Im talking of no less than 4 hours doing it solo.

The worst part is the final splash, when you are already tired, and tons of moronic frigates come and jam all the way.

Strongly suggested to bring a friend with another Drake.
Comment by ShadowFox07
2009-05-20 23:03:01
I finished this mission with my drake in less than an hour with ease. I just put a cargo can out and orbit it at full speed.
Comment by EronaileDamodred
2009-05-24 13:12:55
Do NOT, under NO circumstances, try this mission as a beginner. Even with a 90% kinetic res Drake they will do incredible damage to you. Each single missile still does about 13 damage. Now, what's 13 damage to a Drake? Since these Guristas feature an enormous range there are more than 10 enemies firing at you. And these are not some easy pickings but Dire Infernos and other elite models.
In the end I decided to leave this mission since I couldn't kill more than 1 ship in the heavy elite waves before fleeing - with 90% resistance to their missile damage.

If you decide to do this mission I strongly recommend help from another player. Staying out of range of their missiles is near-impossible since elite Guristas are pretty fast, so some normal Drake with afterburners cannot escape their missile range.

Do not even think about melee weapons. Seriously, the most imbalanced mission I aquired, given the laughable LPs compared to the extreme effort needed.
Comment by AvramGarrison
2009-06-03 03:49:12
this was a very easy mission did it solo with my drake all T2, took longer to salvage all the wrecks then it took to kill them all
Comment by CelilmandirDoe
2009-06-19 00:03:46
Yep, this mission is kinda ridiculous. And on top of that, mine was set in a 0.4, i was racketed twice while i was trying to do it.

The 2nd time i told the guy to go anally fist himself and lost my ship.
Comment by LudoRub
2009-08-06 20:32:05
I've tried blitz tactic suggested by TontoAuri. Killed triggers in Initial, First and Second Waves. Had to kill 4 Pithatis Enforcers before Fourth Wave appeared, which included not one but four Pithatis Death Dealers. Killing third one completed the mission.
DO NOT ATTEMPT BLITZ unless you have a VERY STRONG tank! I used T2 fitted Drake (except for launchers) with 643 shield defence (EFT10) and had to warp out twice.
A command ship would work the best, I think.
Comment by KarlCivan
2009-08-16 11:49:54
I had to check my journal to make sure these comments were talking about the same mission. Command ship?!

Took me about 20 minutes in a drake, would have been much quicker if I was paying attention; barely scratched the paintwork.
Comment by BossStubs
2009-08-16 19:26:51
it is possible to do this mission in a Drake with low skills. If you are careful about the triggers, and use resists correctly, it can be a very straightforward mission.

I accidently killed the first trigger, and the DPS from 12+ BC's was a little bit much, and I had to warp in and out a few times
Comment by SerenaLen
2009-10-25 00:21:59
I apparently aggoed the whole room in a Drake with a half-T2 tank.
Had to warp out twice, and actually ran out of the preferred damage-type missile.
Seems like hundreds of enemy ships.
Comment by VaLTrantor
2009-11-22 02:27:32
I have to agree with those here who say the mission can put some nice DPS - but only when you a) trigger all spawns without killing anything else and b) once they really all hit you. To kill the triggers you will need great range and to just stay in the middle you will need a tough tank. If you do this mission with a ship with less targetting and fighting range than ~110 km you will kill closer ships anyway in the meantime.

I did this mission in a Tengu and was able to trigger all but the last spawn immediately, had to wait for the last since the trigger was starting at ~130km. I had no trouble tanking all even when they came close (all ships besides the killed triggers in their optimal range - did this for test). Structures didnt give me any loot at all.

One important note - this mission allows you to warp-in whereever you want to, if you got a bm. Apart from that, you can also warp inside the mission, if you got a spot far enough out ... ;)

Overall bounties are ~6 mil which i normally will get in one payout-intervall using the Tengu (which is ofc way too strong to be used in l3s).
Comment by AusDog
2009-11-24 15:19:31
I was well-equipped and I regretted having tried it solo. I guess anytime 162 T2 Cruise missiles (6 launchers stacked) won't kill one average rat you know you ain't got a chance. Had three Dread Gurista BCS on and might as well be throwing snowballs. Game was only giving me` 200-odd damage per volley. Maybe a bug but it sunk me.
Comment by GuzkalI
2009-12-27 15:36:58
I just finished this in an Abaddon, other then usual pushing s**t uphill, this wasn't an entirely difficult mission. Took a long time due to my very very slow BS.

Interestingly I found only the first 3 Dire Cruiser class guys slow to drop, then the spawns seemed to scale down not up.

85.03% kin resist
45% therm resist

P.S. I highly recommend have 5x Vespa II and 5x Hornet II if you can fit them both, otherwise just the Hornets (the Dire Frigates are a real pain.)
Comment by DeanLandry
2010-02-07 08:58:15
Bring lots of missiles to this mission. I used 1944 scourge heavy missiles to take out all ships with the help of my 4 drones.
Comment by WilliamNikkel
2010-02-28 07:30:42
This mission is not as hard as people say it is,

7 arby large launchers

3x lse t2
heat disp
explo damp (fitted wrong one and didnt care)

spu x2

step 1: Kill the dires. they are anoying, kill trigger, kill bc.

then kill everything but trigger... then kill trigger.... then kill everything but trigger... then kill trigger... do you see a pattern?

Didnt care to salvage, let the locals join my fleet for warpin
Comment by WilliamNikkel
2010-02-28 07:31:58
sorry for double comment, but...

Dont sit still, Orbit the veldspar at 15km or something, it takes away at least 200-300 dps you take
Comment by RemyRifkin
2010-06-05 15:53:27
Yes, this mission is definitely not that hard, just a time-vampire.
Passive-tanked Drake w/t1 missiles, t2 shields
2xLSEII, 2xKinDeflAmpII, 1xHeatDissAmpII, 1xInvulII, 1xBCSII, 3xSPRII
Listing of ships definitely different, though did not pay too much attention.
Last wave had 4 Death Dealers, 2 Enforcers, 2 Executors, 4 Saboteurs (only one of which seem to jam me)
Very easy, time consuming, bounties are nice, loot is...meh, did not salv
Comment by PejoLuck
2010-09-28 00:56:45
very easy, approx 42 minutes, crappy loot, didn't salvage
passive drake t2 modules w/t1launchers
Comment by CephelDu
2011-02-25 03:22:27
Total gross bounty for me was 5,922,875 ISK.
Comment by VerrulDaenyr
2011-08-01 19:20:55
triggers can be anything. I love the pay off but sheesh. Half the time the assassigns aren't the triggers and sometimes the lowest bounty is. What this means is 12-15 ships bombarding you.
Comment by ReaveToralen
2011-10-12 17:16:55
Time consuming but easy in Drake take some FOF for jamming frigs in last wave.
Comment by PatRin
2011-12-30 13:48:05
Ran this today and had a Dread Guristas Ascriber (Asteroid Guristas Commander Cruiser) spawn. Orbited me at 11km.
Recieved the completion message before killing it, so didn't replace the final trigger, just an extra spawn. 2x Ammo + tag from it.
Comment by VincentLenoris
2012-03-06 09:03:13
Total Bounty: 6,117,501 ISK
Comment by WitchWoman
2012-03-15 18:15:56
Took me an hour to complete in a Dual Repping Harbi, the spawns for me were different too
Comment by PlenorGarlin
2012-08-03 00:45:52
Looted 2 Arbalest HMLs which sell for 6M each.
Comment by DocMorbid
2012-10-07 14:52:42
Last 7 blockades - 3rd trigger was BC Pithais Enforcer
Also mission is pretty easy for Drake, hehehe
Comment by AttyEric
2013-04-02 06:00:09
Pretty long and hard but good loot and salvage
Comment by KeryNysell
2013-09-24 13:53:43
Doing it right now, I had three groups of BCs and Destroyers spawn after I killed the initial spawn, one of those had a Pithatis Assaulter that triggered three other groups in there ... lost a couple of drones to full room aggro of the Frigates too ... my fault, should have scooped them.

Full room aggro nearly broke the tank of my Drake, but then I "only" have 2 LSEs and a CDFP rig, 4 Ballistic Controls in the lows, no Shield Rechargers ... better target management on my part would have sorted that out.
Comment by WokkyNz
2013-10-30 01:40:49
3rd spawn names are different, trigger changes mission to mission, got 6 rounds of jamming from 4th wave so have your drones at the ready.
Comment by CelesEmery
2014-02-01 01:13:09
Spawns are a bit different that what's on this page, unknown if random or just old info. Last two spawns for me did not contain specified trigger, rather the last non-elite cruiser was trigger in the third wave. Third wave contained no Assassin/Assaulter and fourth wave contained only 3 elite jamming frigs and multiple Death Dealers.
Comment by AbadonnOne
2014-07-25 05:09:35
It was easy for a Tengu but it still took some time compared to 5mins like usual with L3s.
Comment by BraylenStarseeker
2014-10-11 22:02:54
Ground through this in a passive Shield Tanked Drake - was never below around 50% shields. It seems the trigger is just the last ship standing in each wave now. I didn't try to figure out the highest bounty, and never got the next wave before the last was fully cleared.
Comment by AribethThiesant
2015-02-04 12:43:14
Not that hard, just takes quite a while in my T1.5 Myrmidon
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