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======The Blockade, level 3======

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Faction: Sansha Nation
Mission type: Encounter
Damage dealt: EM/Therm
Recommended damage dealing: EM/Therm
Recommended ships: Raven, Megathron

==Note: ==
- Waves and triggers may vary, this is just an example
- All waves aggros on spawn.

===First Wave:===
25km from warp in.

1x Destroyer (Centior Abomination) **(Trigger)**
3x Battlecruisers (Centatis Phantasm)
4x Heavy Assault Cruisers (Centum Loyal Hellhound/mutilator)

===Second Wave: ===
Two groups, 100 and 140km from warp in.

4x Destroyers (Centior Monster/Misshape)
7x Battlecruisers (Centatis Specter/Phantasm)
1x Frigate (Centii Plague)
1x Battlecruiser (Centatis Devil/Wraith) **(Trigger)**

===Third Wave: ===
Two groups, 100 and 140km from warp in.

3x Destroyers (Centior Cannibal)
6x Battlecruisers (Centatis Phantasm/Specter)
3x Heavy Assault Cruisers (Centum Loyal Mutilator)
1x Battlecruiser (Centatis Daemon/Wraith) **(Trigger)**

===Fourth Wave: ===
Two groups, 115 and 130km from warp in.

4x Interceptors (Centii Loyal Enslaver) **(Web/Scramble)**
5x Battlecruisers (Centatis Fiend/Phantasm)
4x Battlecruisers (Centatis Specter) **(Trigger)**

===Fifth Wave: ===
One group, 30km from warp in.

4x Interceptors (Centii Loyal Savage) **(Web/Scramble)**
4x Battlecruisers (Centatis Daemon)

-3.0% standing for killing stasis tower

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