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The Blockade, Level 4

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Faction: Angel Cartel
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Normal space (no gate, can be warped 0-100km)
Damage dealt: Kin/therm/exp, heavy Explosive torps
Webbing: Stasis tower in the first spawn.
Web/scramble: Some elite frigates may web or scramble.
Recommended damage dealing: Exp, Kin
Recommended ships: Sleipnir, Raven, Maelstrom, Tempest, Dominix, Golem

Warning: mixed reports on EM or Explosive Torps by some rats.

Single pocket

As with all Blockades the mission starts with one tight group including a stasis tower, followed by 4 additional waves of rats, triggered by certain ships. The waves are picked randomly out of a pool of several types of waves. The trigger ship is hard to document as it varies with the type of wave you get. The waves spawn in groups so you should observe the spawns you get and try to spot a unique battleship in one of the groups. This is most likely the trigger.

Initial Spawn

You warp in approx 30km from this one. Aggro on warp in from all and immediate web.

1x Starbase Stasis Tower
4x Destroyer (Gistior Trasher)
4x Battleship (Gist Throne), Explosive torpedoes
1x Battleship (Gist Malakim/Gist Nephilim), TRIGGER

Following waves

Variant 1 (3 groups 45-85 km away)

2x Interceptor (Arch Gistii Ruffian/Nomad), Web/scramble
2x Destroyer (Gistior Defacer)
2x HAC (Arch Gistum Phalanx), Thermal Damage
3x HAC (Arch Gistum Smasher), Target painter
2x Battlecruiser (Gistatis Praefectus)
3x Battleship (Gist War General)
1x Battleship (Gist Nephilim/Malakim), TRIGGER

Variant 2 (2 Groups 50 and 90 km away)

Gist Malakim is in the closest group with just a Gistior Seizer as a wingman.

1x Destroyer (Gistior Seizer)
1x Battleship (Gist Malakim/Gist Throne), Not the trigger!
1x/2x Interceptor (Arch Gistii Ruffian), Web/scramble
2x Battleship (Gist War General)
1x Battleship (Gist Malakim/Nephilim), TRIGGER

Variant 3 (2 Groups 75 and 90km away)

3x Destroyer (Gistior Shatterers)
3x HAC (Arch Gistum Smashers), Painter
1x Battleship (Gist Malakim), EM torpedoes, TRIGGER
3x Battlecruiser (Gistatis Legionnaire)
3x Battleship (Gist Warlords)

Fourth and Final wave

The trigger ship here triggers mission completion upon destruction.

Variant 1

3x Interceptor (Arch Gistii Outlaw), Web/Scramble
4x Battleship (Gist Throne/Gist Malakim), Explosive torps
1x Battleship (Gist Seraphim), TRIGGER

Variant 2 (very rare)

4x Interceptor (Arch Gistii Rogue), Web/scramble
4x Battleship (Gist Malakim)
1x Battleship (Gist Seraphim), TRIGGER
1x Battleship (Domination Commander)

Tactics and notes

1. Kosh Maranek reports: Was able to maintain range favourable to the optimal range of my Maelstrom. Used Titanium Sabot for targets between 50 - 100 km and then EMP for targets under 50 km. Since everything aggross as soon as it spawns use that to your advantage specially when in a gunboat. Pick off smaller vessels first and then take out BS's. Didn't take many hits, except the Seraphim has cruise missiles that hit me at 130km, Malakim and Saints have Exp torpedoes that started hitting around 70 - 75km. With 2 EXP hardeners damage from the Exp Torps should be minimal especially if shield tanking.

2. Tactic for LongRange Ships (at least 80km locking/firing range): Warp mission to 70, make mookmark. Kill the stasis tower first, then spawns as they come (begin with small ships, some of them web/scramble!), slowboat away from the Stargate while doing it (kiting the spawns!). If NPCs are coming too close, warp to one of the structures in the pocket which should be more than 150km away until then. Again kill the spawns while kiting them, if needed warp to your bookmark. Repeat. This way the mission is doable with a minimum tank (300 dps angel specific tank is enough if you kill real fast). Tested in NavyDominix w. Sentries+Rails -> ~25 Minutes with my Skills (far from perfect). For sure doable in below 20 Minutes in a Marauder/FactionBS and max Skills. Do at your own Risk!

Large spaceport at the very bottom of the map drops general commodities.
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