The Blockade, Level 4

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Faction: Blood Raiders
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Normal space
Damage dealt: EM/ Thermal
Web/ Scramble: Elite Frigates
Extras: Heavy NOS/ Tracking Disruption (Cruisers, Battleships)
Recommended damage dealing: EM/ Thermal
Recommended ships: Abaddon, Apocalypse, Dominix.
Video: Dominix

Ship quantities and triggers vary. Possible trigger ship names are in italic.
May [Fleet] warp to preferred distance.
Warning: the marked Cruisers may NOS your capacitor heavily, best to kill them first.

Single Pocket

Auto aggro.

Initial Group (26- 28km)

3- 4x Destroyer (Corpior Friar/ Devoter)
4- 5x Battleship (Corpus Apostle/ Oracle/ Monsignor/ Harbinger) Trigger
1x Starbase Stasis Tower

1st Spawn

Back Group (80- 83km)
3- 4x Elite Cruiser (Elder Corpum Priest/ Sage/ Arch Templar) NOS
4- 5x Battleship (Corpus Apostle/ Oracle/ Harbinger/ Monsignor) Trigger, NOS

Bottom Group (75- 78km)
2- 3x Destroyer (Corpior Friar/ Visionary/ Devoter)
2- 3x Elite Cruiser (Elder Corpum Dark Priest/ Shadow Sage)

Front Group (45- 47km)
2- 3x Elite Frigate (Elder Corpii Diviner/ Raider/ Reaver)
2- 3x Battlecruiser (Corpior Shade/ Fanatic)

2nd Spawn

Back Group (86- 89km)
3- 4x Elite Frigate (Elder Corpii Seeker/ Collector) Tracking Disruptor
4- 5x Battleship (Corpus Cardinal/ Harbinger/ Monsignor) Trigger, NOS

Front Group (52- 54km)
1- 3x Destroyer (Corpior Friar/ Devoter/ Visionary)
1- 2x Battleship (Corpus Apostle/ Oracle)

3rd Spawn

Back Group (68- 70km)
2- 3x Destroyer (Corpior Friar/ Visionary/ Cleric/ Converter)
2- 3x Elite Cruiser (Elder Corpum Revenant/ Arch Templar) NOS, Tracking Disruptor
1x Battleship (Corpus Harbinger/ Monsignor) Trigger, NOS

Bottom Group (85- 89km)
3- 4x Battlecruisers (Corpior Bishop/ Shade/ Seer/ Fanatic/ Phantom)
3- 4x Battleships (Corpus Cardinal/ Monsignor)

4th Spawn (50- 53km)

3- 4x Elite Frigate (Elder Corpii Follower/ Worshiper/ Herald/ Upholder) Web/ Scram
3- 4x Battleship (Corpus Cardinal/ Monsignor)
1x Battleship (Corpus Pope)

Kill all the trigger Battleships. You will need to snipe as the waves spawned will put out an incredible amount of DPS.
Kill the final Corpus Pope Battleship. Done.

A Spawn's trigger is usually the highest bounty or single named Battleship, but not always.
Group spawn locations are in respect to the Minmatar Merchant Gate in the center.
It is recommended that you fit Heavy Capacitor Boosters with Cap Booster 800 if you are unfamiliar with this mission.
If the 1st Spawn is composed of Corpus Oracles the last one killed is the trigger.
If the 2nd Spawn is composed of Corpus Monsignor the 1st one killed is the trigger.
Mission is flagged completed after you have killed the final Corpus Pope battleship.

Additional Information
A very rare Dark Blood Battleship may be part of the final spawn.

The Starbase Ship-Maintenance Array drops random commodities.

Ship Detail

Qty NameOrbit
Max (m/s)
Shield Resist (%)Armor Resist (%)DPS (hp/s)
1xStasis Tower--250800
3xElder Corpii Raider8360325850
4xElder Corpii Seeker9.5440325850
4xElder Corpii Upholder4.3720325850
9xCorpior Visionary8400250300
7xElder Corpum Arch Templar7.23201,2001,800
3xElder Corpum Dark Priest323201,2001,800
7xCorpior Fanatic223201,2001,800
8xCorpus Apostle382804,7506,750
13xCorpus Cardinal492804,7506,750
1xCorpus Pope492804,7506,750
58 Ships, 1 Tower Total Average/ Total130,900201,900

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