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Damage Dealt: EM/Therm
Extras: Neuting Corpatis Shade
Recommended Damage Dealing: EM(best), Therm(secondary)
2x Battlecruisers (Corpatis Shade) **Neuting**
3x Battleships (Corpus Archbishop)
2x Cruisers (Elder Corpum Arch Sage)
3x Battleships (Corpus Pope)
4x Battlecruisers (Corpatis Bishop)
4x Battleships (Corpus Harbringer)
4x Cruisers (Elder Corpum Arch Priest)
4x Battleships (Corpus Patriarch)
Group: Cosmic Anomaly
Damage Dealt: EM / Thermal
Extras: Capacitor Neutralizer (Corpatis Shade)
Recommended Damage Dealing: EM / Thermal
2 x Battlecruisers (Corpatis Shade) **Energy Neutralizer**
3 x Battleships (Corpus Archbishop)
2 x Cruisers (Elder Corpum Arch Sage)
3 x Battleships (Corpus Pope)
4 x Battlecruisers (Corpatis Bishop)
4 x Battleships (Corpus Harbringer)
4 x Cruisers (Elder Corpum Arch Priest)
4 x Battleships (Corpus Patriarch)

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