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3x Battlecruiser (Corpus Bishop/Seer)
4x Battleship (Corpus Pope)

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Faction: Blood
Location: Nullsec
Damage Dealt: Thermal/EM
Web/Scramble: Elder Corpii Upholder
On warp-in everything will aggro. Trigger is final kill of wave.
2x Elite Frigate (Elder Corpii Worshiper/Follower)
4x Battleship (Corpus Cardinal/Patriarch/Pope)
Corpatis Seer (2)
Corpatis Shade (1)
Corpus Patriarch (2)
Corpus Pope (2)
Damage Dealt:
Brief description of the pocket, whether the rats auto-aggro on warp-in, the distance of the rats from warp-in, whether there are any iconic structures, etc.

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