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Blood Hidden Hideaway

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Blood Hidden Hideaway
The Amarr Empire has had its share of religious cults and fanatics in the past, but few have been as successful, or as highly feared, as the Blood Raiders. The Blood Raiders are a sect of an ancient cult called Sani Sabik, who use blood in their rituals. The Blood Raiders believe that cloned bodies have "purer" blood than other bodies, and this explains while they operate mainly in space, attacking unwary spacefarers and draining their bodies of blood. The Blood Raiders are led by the fearsome Omir Sarikusa, who has remained on top of the DED's most wanted list for many years now. Under Sarikusa's leadership, the Blood Raiders have become more organized, establishing several bases in the Bleak Lands region.

Faction: Blood Raiders
Group: Cosmic Anomaly
Location: High-Sec
Damage Dealt: EM/Therm
Web/Scramble: None
Extras: None
Reccomended Damage Dealing: EM

Single Pocket

Auto-aggro from each wave. Three sets of waves triggered by destroying the last of each class of ship in the initial group.

Initial Group

6x Frigate (Corpii Upholder)
1x Cruiser (Corpum Arch Reaver)
1x Sentry (Blood Raider Sentry Gun

Frigate Wave

2x Destroyer (Corpior Devoter)

Cruiser Wave

3x Frigate (Corpii Raider)
3x Destroyer (Corpior Templar)

Sentry Wave 1

4x Frigate (Corpii Follower)
2x Cruiser (Corpum Arch Engraver)

Sentry Wave 2

4x Frigate (Corpii Worshipper)
1x Destroyer (Corpior Devoter)

Sentry Wave 3

3x Frigate (Corpii Follower)
1x Cruiser (Corpum Arch Reaver)
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