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Blood Hidden Hub

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Faction: Blood Raider
Group: Cosmic Anomoly
Location: Null Sec
Damage Dealt: EM/Therm
Web/Scram: None
Extras: Tracking Disruption Elder Corpii Collector, Neuting Corpus Harbringer
Recommended Damage Dealing: EM(best), Therm(secondary)
Ship Used: Passive Shield Drake

Single Pocket

Auto Aggro, spawn at ~20 km from warp in.
Frigates are triggers

Initial Group

3x Frigate (Corpii Reaver)
4x Elite Frigate (Elder Corpii Collector) Tracking Disruption
3x Cruiser (Corpum Arch Sage/Shadow Sage)
2x Elite Cruiser (Elder Corpum Shadow Sage)

Wave 1

1x Battleship (Corpus Harbringer) Neuting

Wave 2

4x Frigate (Corpii Reaver)
2x Cruiser (Corpum Dark Priest)

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