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======The Blood Of Angry Men, Level 4======

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Faction: Amarr Empire
Mission type: Storyline
Space type: Deadspace (no Gate)
Damage dealt: EM/Thermal/explosive
Web/scramble: None
Extras: Target painting/Tracking Disruption
Recommended damage dealing: EM/Thermal for ammar EXP/Kinetic for the minmatar bs
Recommended ships: Drake,Sleipnir,Tengu,Loki,Maelstrom

====Single Pocket====
Battleship did not auto-aggro on warp in

===Group 1===
50km from warp-in

1x Rogue Minmatar (Target Painting)(heavy EM tank & heavy shield regeneration)

Following spawn right ontop of the warp in

===Group 2===
at approximatelly 50% shields

2x Frigates (Imperial Paladin)
2x Cruisers (Imperial Agatho/Donus) (Tracking Disruption)

===Group 3===
At approximattely 10-20% shields

4x Battleships (Imperial Tanakh)
2x Battlecruiser (Imperial Avenger)

===Additional spawns===
4x Battleships (Imperial Ultara) - Triggered by killing Battleships of group 3 (needs confirmation)

4x Battleships (Imperial Ultara/Tanakh) - Triggered by killing the above spawn.

kill minmatar battleship get the corpse from the can and warp out (NOTE:EXP/KIN damage are its weakest ressists)

standings gain/loss

amarr -2.187%
caldari -1.22%
minmatar: 7.265%
gallente: 2.952%

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