The Bloodraider Spies, level 3

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Faction: Blood Raiders
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: EM/Therm
Recommended damage dealing: EM/therm.

There's a Warp-in Gate

Single Pocket

Group 1: (35-40km)

3x Destroyers (Corpior Converter/Visionary)
1x Battlecruiser (Corpior Bishop)

Group 2: (80-90km)

3x Destroyers (Corpior Visionary)

Group 3: (90-95km)

2x Battlecruisers (Corpior Spy)

Group 4: (100-110km)

2x Elite Frigates (Elder Corpii Disciple/Wraith)
1x Destroyer (Corpior Visionary)

Kill the two "Spy" ships

Comment by IncuSus
2009-01-01 23:36:28
Blitz- Pop the 2 Spies & warp out
Comment by CynicalRise
2009-03-26 00:59:58
Blitz Confirmed: 3/26/09
Comment by OwlManAtt
2009-07-22 01:53:17
I wasn't paying very close attention, but it looked like the spies only spawned after the first pocket (that aggros you on warp-in) was down.

I can confirm that killing the two spies completes the mission. Engaging them aggros any remaining groups.
Comment by IzZa
2010-02-09 13:09:19
Add Afterburner and burn towards spies and pop em quickly. Took < 5 mins in a passive Drake to pop em and get back to agent.
Comment by IzZa
2010-03-08 19:19:01
This mission must have changed some because
1) none of the groups were greater than 50km from me on warp in
2) I had 3 "Blood Raider Spy" ships that were all Destroyers
3) mission did not flag complete until all ships destroyed. Even though I had destroyed the "Blood Raider Spy" ships first

Doulbe checked was The Blood Raider Spies Level 3 mission issued by agent Umid Ashaid in Kihtaled in Khanid Kingdom. (Kithaled VIII - Royal Khanid Navy).
Comment by DoctorNho
2011-02-22 04:08:00
There is no agent named Umid Ashaid. There is a level II agent named Umid Ashain at Kithaled VIII, so IzZa probably had the level II mission on 10-03-08.

I had one fewer destroyer in group 1, group 2 was converters instead of visionaries, and group 4 did not have the destroyer, just the 2 frigates.

Group 4 was not present at warp in, it appeared after I killed group 1. In case you want to do this the slow way, killing group 1 did not aggro anything else, nothing else aggroed on drones. Attacking Group 2 aggroed groups 2 and 4 but not 3. Killing groups 2 and 4 did not aggro group 3. Group 3 finally proxi-aggroed at about 25km.

Neither the bunker or telescope dropped any loot.
Comment by DrRoic
2011-05-11 12:45:22
Confirm again mission complete after spies killed. AB not necessary except if you are in a hurry, they don't flee from you.
Comment by AribethThiesant
2015-01-30 07:12:00
No loot from structures. Poor loot, 579K isk ship loot, 360K isk ship salvage.
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