Break The Slave Trade, Level 2

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Faction: Amarr
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace with gates
Damage dealt: EM/Therm
Extras: Tracking Disruption (Bahir/Forim)
Recommended damage dealing:
Recommended ships: Cruiser or Lesser Only

No aggro on warp in.

Group 1 @ 36KM

Aggros at 30 km distance.
Imperial Muthura (Cruiser)
Imperial Muzakir (Cruiser)
Imperial Felix/Paladin x 3 (Frigate)
Imperial Industrial Ship *Main Target*

Group 2 @ 45KM

Imperial Tamir x 3 (Cruiser) (Neut)
Imperial Matendi x 3 (Frigate)
Imperial Forian x 2 (Frigate)

Group 3 @ 55KM

Imperial Bahir (Frigate)
Imperial Sixtus x 3 (Frigate)
Imperial Paladin x 3 (Frigate)

Kill the Industrial Ship and loot the can.

- You may have to turn on Mission Faction Instudrials in your overview settings to see the Imperial Industrial Ship.

Comment by LaDha
2008-12-03 16:18:31
I left the industrial to last and mission did not end til it was shot.
Comment by ProteusCronus
2009-01-08 22:08:10
Watch out for energy neuts with the left group.

The group on the right will aggro the middle group. Attacking the group on the right will not aggro the left group. Attacking the industrial will aggro the left group.

I was not allowed a BattleCruiser through the gate.
Comment by VarjoKaasu
2010-01-24 07:02:18
I used blitz tactic and killed only Industrial Ship, didn't get agro from other groups. Only group 3 attacked my ship. Easy and fast mission. I used cruiser fitted with afterburner.
Comment by VincentLaw
2010-05-17 20:40:45
I blitz this, killed only the "Industrial Ship" and got a -0.0 % combat - aggression against Amaar faction.
Comment by SeamusDonohue
2010-08-20 13:17:57
FACTION BALANCING: VincentLaw may not have waited 20 minutes before checking his standings; standing changes due to "Combat - Ship Kill" can be delayed that long.

I just dual-account ran this mission, blitzing the industrial, grabbing the Vitoc, and running. Both of my characters got a -0.02% loss with Amarr Empire for "Combat - Ship Kill". So, the standing loss isn't too bad.
Comment by McCovican
2011-02-05 00:02:23
Can anyone confirm what type of damage is dealt here (and also perhaps what class of vessel the above named are)?
Comment by SyrusAthonille
2011-05-10 21:13:39
Don't know if this is new or not, but everything aggro'd on me almost immediately.
Comment by ElemWiz
2011-11-27 18:31:35
Bunker didn't drop anything for me.
Comment by CatMurdoch
2013-04-04 06:29:01
Got aggro from all ships when I attacked the industrial.

Current list of ships allowed through the acceleration gate (April 2013):

Stealth bomber, Assault ship, Deep space transport, Destroyer, Interdictor, Blockade runner, Frigate, Cruiser, Industrial, Electronic attack ship, Interceptor.
Comment by CatMurdoch
2013-04-04 07:46:55
Meant to also say, re standings loss with Amarr Empire - I killed all of the ships in this mission, and only got a single standings loss of -0.02%, same as others have reported when they only killed the industrial ship.
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