Break Their Will, level 1

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Faction: Sansha Nation & Mercenaries
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Unknown
Damage dealt: EM / Therm
Recommended damage: EM / Therm

Mission requires to destroy a repair station, type Encounter. After warp-in there are only structures, when they are shot at a group of rat spawns:

First ambush

3x Centii Minions
2x Centii Servants
4x Repair Station`s Point Defense battery ( Foxfire Rockets, pretty low range, wont hit you until you get < 10 km to them )

Merc reinforcements after destroying the Repair Station :

2x Mercenary Fighter (Flameburst Light Missiles )
3x Mercenary Rookie

Killing the Repair Outpost incurs a -4% standing penalty.


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Comment by NeoVictus
2009-02-07 13:23:19
1.41M Scordite and 2.83 Veldspar mined from this instance.
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