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====== Break Their Will, level 2 ======

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Type: Encounter
Faction: Mercenaries / Angels
Damage dealt: All kinds
Reccomended damage: Exp, Kin
Completed with: Thorax DR: Easy (Ivisis Avisus)

**Note: Objective is to destroy the Repair Station. The following rats will spawn when you attack the station**
**Tip: Destroy the Repair Station first, to prevent heavy repairs on the rats. OR destroy Aux Power Generators which will render the station unable to function**
**Tip: Destroying the Power Relays will stop the Repair Station repairing itself**

===First Wave:===
5x Gistii Rogue (Frigate class)
1x Gistii Hijacker (Frigate class) -- **TRIGGER**

===Second Wave:===
6x Mercenary Rookie
5x Mercenary Fighter

These will randomly trigger
4x Station Point Defence Battery

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