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Break Their Will, Level 3

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Faction: Angel Cartel, Mercenary
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: All
Recomended damage dealing: Kin Primary, Exp, Therm Secondary
Recommeded ships: Tempest, Drake
Completed in: Tempest Fleet Issue with low skills (25 days old with 1.6 mil SPs at the time JakeMcCord)

Note: Mission objective requires you to destroy a Repair Station
Tip: Destroy the Aux Power Generators or the station will auto heal, then destroy the Repair Station to disable its function to repair the rats

Single Pocket

At warp-in there are only structures, when the Repair Outpost is attacked, the following wave will spawn
Attacking the Auxillary Power Array's will not cause any spawn

First Wave

Arrives when you shoot at the Repair Outpost
1x Stasis Tower (55km)
3x Heavy Missile Battery (56-63km)
7x Destroyers (Gistior Defacer/Seizer/Shatterer/Trasher) (51-81km)
3x Cruisers (Gistum Breaker/Crusher/Defeater/Depredator/Smasher) (35-77km)

Reinforcement Wave 2

Reinforcements will spawn when you shoot any one ship in the first wave or destroy the Repair Outpost
1 Mercenary Commander
1 Mercenary Lieutenant
2 Mercenary Corporal
1 Mercenary Fighter

Destroy repair station, mission complete, warp out

The batteries may drop ammo
Other structures no loot

Scordite - 21 asteroids
Veldspar - 40 asteroids
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