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Buzz Kill, Level 4

Faction: Angel Cartel
Mission Type: Encounter
Space Type: Deadspace (no gates, single pocket)
Damage dealt: Explosive/Kinetic, some Thermal
Web/Scramble: N/A
Extras: Heavy Target Painting from Frigs, Destroyers and BS
Recommended damage dealing: Explosive (best), Kinetic (secondary)
Recommended ships: Dominix
Difficulty: Medium (you can get swarmed from new spawns, although damage is not great)

NOTE: all groups spawn in roughly the same place as inital frigates. Auto aggro immediately from new spawns. Watch drones if they are closer than your ship if you are kiting away from spawn location. Had to bring drones back 3 times.

In each case, the final ship of a 'class' (ie, last cruiser, or last EW frigate) is the spawn for another group

I didn't get a perfect ship count because someone was ninja salvaging me, but based on wrecks I could count, total for me was about 120 ships!

Initial Group (auto-Aggro), 25 km range
8 Angel Frigates (Target Painting), Last kill trigger

Spawn 1
4 Destroyers, last triggers Spawn 2
12 Frigates, last triggers Spawn 3

Spawn 2
10 Destroyers

Spawn 3
9 Frigates
4 EW Frigates

Spawn 4
12 Cruisers

Spawn 5
7 Cruisers
7 Battlecuisers, last one triggers Spawn 6
12 Frigates (target Painter)

Spawn 6
4 Battleships (1 orbits far, 3 approach, the one far away target paints)

Spawn 7
10 Destroyers
11 Assault Frigates, last one triggers Spawn 8
8 Battlecruisers

Spawn 8
5 Assault Frigates

Spawn 9
14 Assault Frigates

Mission Marked Complete when last ship was destroyed. In my case, I finished the BS chain before Spawn 8-9 and mission still not completed, so appears there is no Blitz

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