Cargo Delivery, level 2

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Second wave may appear before first wave is killed
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Faction: Blood Raiders
Mission Type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace / No gates.
Damage Dealt: EM, Thermal
Recommended damage dealing: EM
Recommended ships: Caracal

Note: On Warp-in, no rats are present

First Wave appears when you reach the objective [hidden warehouse]

First Wave:

2x Corpii Engraver (Frigate class)
4x Corpii Devoter (Frigate class)
4x Corpior Templar (Destroyer class)

Second Wave:

6-7x Corpior [Converter, Friar, Templar] (Destroyer class)
1-2x Corpum Arch Engraver (Cruiser class)
1x Zorenyen Zitil (Elite Frigate/Destroyer class)

Hints: the cruisers can't hit a frigate circling them (speed tank) at 4km; AB not required. Zitil has an active armour tank but is most vulnerable to EM damage.

You don't have to destroy any of the ships, so you can just warp in, grab the goods and warp out. Mind the Elite frigates probability of scrambling.

60x Veld roids

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Comment by CadDyn
2009-02-24 20:09:49
2.27m Veldspar
Comment by KerDesh
2009-09-08 03:48:26
Once warped in i was overwhelmed by ships, the Corpii Devoter's are Destroyers and the second wave spawns after i killed one of them, would love confirmation.
Comment by KerDesh
2009-09-08 04:11:24
Dont know the exact waves, but i faced this
3x Corpii Engraver
3x Corpii Raider
2x Corpior Converter
2x Corpior Devoter
6x Corpior Templer
2x Corpior Visionary
2x Corpum Arch Engraver

First Wave
kill the frigates, then destroyers
destroying the two Corpior Devoter's

Second Wave
Kill the frigates, then destroyers, then cruisers
killing the elite frigate last.. he seems harder than the cruisers
Comment by DoctorNho
2011-01-23 17:28:04
I had:

First Wave
2x Reaver (F)
3x Devoter (D)
5x Engraver (D)

Second Wave:
4x Templar (D)
3x Visionary (D)
1x Converter (D)
1x Arch Reaver (C)
1x 1x Zorenyen Zitil (Elite Frigate)
Comment by DoctorNho
2011-01-27 00:20:11
And the next time I had this mission I had:

Wave 1:
3x Engravers (F) -- looks like I had those down incorrectly as destroyers above
3x Reavers (F)
4x Templars (D)

Wave 2: (which didn't come in until after most of the wave 1 was dead)
2x converters (D)
5x templars (D)
1x Arch Reaver (C)
1x Zorenyen Zitil
Comment by BuilderAlphaOne
2011-09-28 16:53:37
after Incarna 1.1 -- done in a 7.3m sp 'toon using a Hawk. Kiting required or the dps would have overwhelmed me. No rats have ab. Updated mail writeup to reflect current timing.
Comment by XeCara
2013-01-08 18:31:56
done after retribution - in the same thrasher fit that I've had since a 4 month 'toon, arty fit, 1 lml, sebo, AB, tp, nano and a MAPC to make it work paid attention to spawn, and used Ti Sabot on everything but the cruisers and elite, who got EMP, piece of cake
Comment by KathrineEnaka
2013-05-16 20:40:11
Confirmed MWD work. Easiest blitz yet!
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