Cargo Delivery, level 3

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Faction: Blood Raiders.
Mission Type: Encounter.
Space type: Deadspace.
Damage Dealt: Em/Thermal
Extras: Nos & Tracking Disruption
Recommended damage dealing: EM/Thermal
Recommended ships: Harbinger, or Prophecy.

Single Pocket

Spawn 1

Spawns may vary.
1-2x Elite Frigate (Elder Corpii Collector/Seeker) (Tracking Disruption)
1-2x Destroyer (Corpior Cleric/Friar) (Trigger)
2-3x Cruiser (Corpum Arch Priest/Sage)
3-4x Battlecruiser (Corpatis Fanatic/Shade)

Spawn 2

3-4x Destroyer(Corpior Cleric/Friar/Templar)
1-2x Cruiser (Corpum Priest/Sage) Nos
3x Battlecruiser (Corpum Bishop)
1x Elite Cruiser (Shecon Pouta) (Elder Corpum Dark Priest/Shadow Sage)

Rush to the warehouse, get the item to retrieve and fly back to your agent. No kills needed to complete.

~ 900,000 isk in drops from all enemies.
~ 1,800,000 in bounties.
~ 600,000 from salvage with basic salvaging skill.

Total = ~ 3,300,000isk (3 Million)

Mineable Asteroid info
There are 60 Veldspar Asteroids containing 2.27m Units.

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