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Cargo Delivery, level 3

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Faction: Blood Raiders.
Mission Type: Encounter.
Space type: Deadspace.
Damage Dealt: Em/Thermal
Extras: Nos (Corpum Arch Priest), Tracking Disruption. (Elder Corpii Collector)
Recommended damage dealing: EM/Thermal
Recommended ships: Harbinger, or Prophecy.

Single Pocket

Spawn 1

Spawns may vary.
1x Elite Figate (Elder Corpii Collector) (Tracking Disruption)
2x Destroyer (Corpior Friar) (Trigger)
2x Cruiser (Corpum Arch Priest)
4x Battlecruiser (Corpatis Fanatic)

Spawn 2

3x Destroyer(Copior Cleric/Copior Templar)
2x Cruiser (Corpum Arch Priest/Corpum Sage) (Nos)
3x Battlecruiser (Corpatis Bishop)
1x Named Elite Cruiser (Shecon Pouta) (Elder Corpum Shadow Sage)

Rush to the warehouse, get the item to retrieve and fly back to your agent. No kills needed to complete.

Mineable Asteroid info
There are 60 Veldspar Asteroids containing 2.27m Units.

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