Cargo Delivery, level 3

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Faction: Serpentis
Mission Type: Deadspace
Damage Dealt: Kinetic, Thermal
Extras: Corelum Guardian Chief Safeguard - heavy damp
Extras: Coreli Guardian Patroller/Watchman - damp
Recommended damage dealing: Kinetic, Thermal
Recommended ships; Drake, Huginn, Myrmidon, Shuttle.
Completed with: Huginn DR: Easy (Anathema Matou), Myrmidon (OSGOD), Hurricane, Shuttle.
Video guide:

Note: On Warp-in, you will warp straight on top of the warehouse, therefore rats will spawn straight away unless you warp in from say 30k.

First Wave appears when you get the goods from the objective (Warehouse).

First Wave

2x Frigates (Coreli Guardian Patroller/Watchman)
1x Destroyer (Corelior Artillery/Infantry) trigger
1x Cruiser (Corelum Guardian Chief Guard/Safeguard)
2x Cruisers (Corelum Chief Infantry)
1x Battlecruiser (Corelatis Platoon Leader)

Second Wave

4x Destroyers (Corelior Sentinel)
5x Cruisers (Corelum Chief Infantry/Sentinel)
1x Elite Cruiser (Amore Veal)

You don't have to destroy any of the ships, so you can just warp in, grab the goods from the warehouse and warp out.

Veldspar - 61 asteroids - 2,237,726 units of Veldspar

no loot

The video in the following link shows you where everyone will show up, and their range. This guide also only shows one of many ways to take out the bad guys.

Comment by WebbHost
2009-03-24 17:51:09
Power Auxillery Arrays can sometimes make it very hard to take out enemy ships - therefore I destroyed these before entering the radius at which enemies spawn.
Comment by WebbHost
2009-03-27 11:27:53
Just done this mission again, but this time I warped in striaght ontop ot the cargo warehouse, therefore instant spawns???

Not sure if this is a glitch or an amendment to the mission.
Comment by Blackhawk5262
2009-08-31 19:05:25
Just did this mission, i spawned at 35+ km from warehouse, pls confirm if warpbeacon has changed.
Comment by Everen1
2009-09-14 13:07:26
I entered 35 km from warehouse too.

Two of the ships used sensor dampening on me.
Comment by MattZ
2009-12-13 20:27:09
Warped in at 38km from warehouse
Comment by LhassaEve
2010-01-24 16:05:24
Warped in 37km from warehouse.
Comment by TurmyWtf
2010-02-18 18:59:58
I didn't see the power arrays since I had collidable structures turned off. I wasn't able to take this in a hurricane or an AC maelstrom since the enemies swarm and you aren't allowed to warp at a distance. I saw two ships with the safeguard title but they had bounties of 250k-260k which I thought was a bc bounty. Both of these ships had some nasty sensor damps on them, when I was hit with damps by both safeguards and a third ship I could only lock out to 9k.
Comment by DeMichaelCrimson
2010-02-21 20:33:31
Warped in to beacon at 35km, blew up Power Arrays and approached warehouse. Was surrounded with full spawn of all NPC's at 15km. Warped out and back, was outside NPC's and able to get range.
Comment by DimoHamaambo
2010-06-19 21:57:31
This was a bit touch in a Hurricane. DPS was barely sufficient to take out the named bandit
Comment by GoLagoz
2010-07-19 16:53:13
Warped in at 37km.
Easily tanked all of the rats with Myrmidon.
Beware of dampers though they take your targeting down to 7-11km!
Comment by OrGasn
2010-09-11 12:19:19
I did it in a t2 mod hurricane with t1 weapons.
- Auto cannons with afterburner for quick dps took 30m (took me 45-60m using artillery on my first try) .
- It took 10m to salvage. Salvage was only 200k. So, no salvaging again for me.
- Bounties where 1.2M.

On 3rd attempt the Bliz on my hurricane took about 30-60 seconds, hehe.
Comment by TechReviewsAndHelp
2013-03-19 11:30:13
I hope my guide helps whomever
Comment by FlashCactus
2013-06-19 21:26:25
blitzed on a gallente shuttle. Warp-in @35k from warehouse, approached it, hit open, aligned to gate, then 'loot all'&warp. Took 20 sec or so
Comment by RolSon
2013-08-15 15:21:10
1. Warped in at 35 km in my Corax. No rats.
2. Approached to Warehouse - no rats.
3. Took cargo from Warehouse and rats have spawned, then I warp out and could finish the mission.

However I decided to get back and kill the rats.

4. Warped back in at the same distance ~ 35-37 km.

2 Thoraxses and 1-2 frigates have had nasty Sensor Dampening.
~23km from target locking had no problem, but for my Corax would die.
Used "kitting" tactics.

5. Kept rats at distance 45-47km
6. Took down frigates first

One volley for each frigate - overkill, but I didn't want to lost small amount of time I had when I am not Sensor Dampened.

7. Tagged Dampening Thoraxes and waited their "mistakes", when both are not Dampening.

It took a while..., and I am not sure if word "mistake" could be applicable for AI at all, but they did "mistakes" lol :D

8. 2 voleys max between Dampening.

9. Since no more Sensor Dampening I had no problem whatsoever.

It was too long for Corax but it wasn't borring ;)
Comment by CinTek
2014-01-10 21:09:22
FoF missles. just wanted to say it was kinda fun to watch the target list shrink and not have to click :D. heavily damped as advertised. drones took no damage (5 light combat T2) (t2 passive drake)
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