Cargo Delivery, level 4

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Faction: Blood Raiders
Mission Type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace (MWD works)
Damage Dealt: Em/ Thermal (Kinetic missiles from the Battleships)
Web/ Scramble: Elite Frigate/ Destroyer
Extras: Heavy NOS (Corpus Archbishops and Corpus Harbingers)
Recommended damage dealing: EM/ Thermal
Recommended ship classes: Battleship, Command Ship, Battlecruiser, HAC, Recon, Faction Cruiser (Blitz: fast Frigate or Shuttle)
Video: Blitz

The task is to deliver 10 units of Quafe Ultra to your agent.
Looting the Quafe Ultra from the Warehouse (40km) triggers the spawn, potentially scrambling you.
A second [optional] spawn is triggered by killing the Destroyer (Corpior Friar).
Beware that this spawn has up to 6 Battleships that may aggro with a Nosferatu, so if you intend to fight be prepared to warp out before you get capped out (beware of scramblers).

Single Pocket

First Spawn (15- 63km)

2x Elite Frigate (Elder Corpii Herald) Web/ Scramble
2x Destroyer (Corpior Cleric) Trigger
3x Elite Cruiser (Elder Corpum Shadow Sage/ Dark Priest)
3x Battlecruiser (Corpatis Exorcist/ Phantom)

First ambush

Second Spawn (16- 52km)

3x Elite Frigate (Elder Corpii Diviner/ Engraver) Web/ Scramble
2x Cruiser (Corpum Arch Priest/ Sage)
1x Battlecruiser (Corpatis Exorcist)
6x Battleship (Corpus Pope, aka Kubi Gayar/ Archbishop/ Harbinger) NOS 25km range, 25% chance, 350 units

Second ambush

Warp to the mission in a shuttle or fast frigate with a MWD.
Approach and open the Warehouse container, align, loot and warp out.
Deliver the item to your agent, done.

If you can get outside their effective gun range (about 40 km) you can easily snipe them safely.

Optional Approach
Loot the Warehouse with a shuttle, come back with a Battleship, Micro Jump and snipe if needed.
Done with a T2 fit Dominix from warp in (~646 DPS, 112.9 ehp/s rep, 16 min cap).

60 Veldspar asteroids (18- 65km).

Loot and Bounty
Loot + Salvage: ~4.33 mil
Bounty: ~6.6 mil

Comment by ChepeNolon
2008-05-28 04:25:11
I felt too confident in my CnR when I took on this one for the first time. I hadn't encountered anything that posed a threat yet. But this one nearly got me. If it hadn't been for my team mates transfering shields and killing the ships, I'd be one CnR less. It's not the damage, but the nossing. Suddenly my cap was empty and I was scrambled. Versius Bloodraiders that is a bad thing since my hardners stopped working too. So as the tip says, snipe 'em. At least get out of nossing range if you're active tanking.
Comment by NewbieNed
2008-07-07 20:22:57
Followed the advice and was 25km+ from the warehouse when the second ambush spawn appeared. I got the alternative second ambush and it spawned right on top of me. Was a little tricky for a short time with the nos but my Maelstrom handled it! I always said CNRs suck! ;)
Comment by KoyamaIse
2008-07-12 11:37:20
I'm not 100% sure on this but my Apoc with 1 LAR II 2 EM 2 Therm DCU II and Cap Power Relay II with 3 Cap Recharger II's and 3 cap rigs. I think my tank could run with at least 3 battleships nosing me.
Comment by SerranoBalthar
2008-07-23 04:38:57
doing it in a fast assault firgate (ishkur) , pick the quafe, kill the scrambling frig & warp out
Comment by RamZahn
2008-08-01 01:45:31
As long as you keep your distance to that second wave, and especially Kubi Gayar, favourably above 30km no harm will come to you.
Comment by AshareeIntrefer
2008-08-08 15:30:40
No problem at all in Ishtar. Kept the trigger alive until I was 90km from the warehouse (going "up" from jump in perspective). Had drone link on for range, but only drew fire from Kubi Gayar. The Archbishops got within 50Km without firing.

Nothing, including the web/scramble frigs, seems to go faster than 350m/s here, so keeping range was no problem.
Comment by NeoXr2i
2008-08-16 11:57:18
Just approach warehouse in a shuttle if your quick you can get out b4 they kill the shuttle then just give the agent some quafe ultra from the market quick and easy as the mission is a pain
Comment by FlashNorm
2008-11-02 09:27:31
It's probably a waste of time killing everything, but I hate leaving stuff alive in missions :)

I can warp in grab the Quafe and sit and tank the lot reasonably well with my Domi:
3 x 250mm II, 3 x heavy nos (I use E500s)
1 AB (hate the initial trek), 4 x Cap recharger II
1 True Sansha LAR, 2 x EM II, 2 x Therm II, 1 x Kin II, 1 x CPR II

The cap is stable when you have the nos running, so you can let the tank run while your drones do their stuff. If I could bear the wait and leave the AB off, I'd prob be using 425s or 350s to boost the damage, but there's not a huge amount of grid available.
Comment by AccuRus
2008-11-13 05:58:11
Interceptor FTW in this one - fit it with a cpl of nanos and overdrives, wander gently to the can, pickup the quafe sort of sharpish and then warp back out. By the time they have finished locking you, they will eat your ion trails. Job done.
Comment by VestaKarr
2008-12-14 09:03:49
if you are fast enough, you can even pick up the quafe from warehouse in a shuttle and warp out, with some armor damage/ No need to spend 3000 isk and dont lose the 10k isk Galente Shuttle :)
Comment by KismetEer
2008-12-25 09:26:17
First spawn:
428.78hp/s (EM: 54.19%, Expl: 0%, Kin: 0%, Therm: 45.81%)

Second spawn:
Total DPS: 2,245.25hp/s (EM: 407.54hp/s, Expl: 0hp/s, Kin: 1,500hp/s, Therm: 337.71hp/s)
Percentages: 2,245.25hp/s (EM: 18.15%, Expl: 0%, Kin: 66.81%, Therm: 15.04%)

Second spawn, alternate:
Total DPS: 3,048.75hp/s (EM: 521.50hp/s, Expl: 0hp/s, Kin: 2,100hp/s, Therm: 427.25hp/s)
Percentages: 3,048.75hp/s (EM: 17.11%, Expl: 0%, Kin: 68.88%, Therm: 14.01%)
Comment by KismetEer
2009-01-17 15:02:50
Completed in a passive ishtar. warp in, fly towards warhouse, fly back to beacon while killing all but trigger ships, kill the trigger ship, take out closest battleships with sentries, take out distant battleships.

Fit: highs: whatever fits, lows: 4 extender II, one mag amp II, lows: 5x beta shield power relays, rigs: 2x core defense purgers,d rones: hobgoblin II, garde II's
Comment by ElDjango
2009-03-11 11:03:43
the ships from "first ambush" are now already there - rest as described
mission marked complete directly after warp in (blitz)
Comment by ElectronDominator
2009-03-12 04:10:50
Blitz: if you warp in with a shuttle, wait till they target you and message appears in local. Then warp out, warp back in and get the quafe out of the warehouse. They didn't aggro me at all (within 5k or less) the second time back.
Comment by MedWay
2009-03-12 06:39:00
did this with 2 x toons

1x raven
1x mael

picked spot after killing 1st wave and aligned to it. then hit trigger shipped. spawned on top of raven [not my tank boat] so had to move him out as quick as possible out of nos range. manged to kill all, but had to take sb off and do manually on mael as ships got in range and i have only have average top speed of 111 [no ab etc]

as peeps have said if u keep out of range then no real problem. ships seem to have good tank as took a while to die [maybe just my skills crap]
Comment by SadisticSavior
2009-03-22 11:10:32
Before I found this page I did the blitz option using a spare Rifter I had and a cloaking device. Took 5 or 10 minutes to get within range, and I was uncloaked automatically at "objective completed". But I took less than 25% shield damage before warping (I had no modules fitted except the cloaking device).
Comment by LoLWut
2009-03-26 18:06:10
After release of Apocrypha:
Just did this in an Incursus.............. Didn't do anything....... Warped in right ontop of the objective, looted and warped out.. 0% damage.

Can anyone confirm that I'm not just lucky and that this mission is bugged or has a bugged variable for certain system Jump-In-Points?
Comment by QianzingYanshu
2009-04-08 05:46:50
I can confirm, LoLWut: I just warped in and came out directly within transfer range of the quafe.
Comment by SamouBica
2009-04-17 15:21:07
thay had changed that for me this was after the newest paqch did in a ishkure speed 995 i had the problem of keeping in rang of my frend with out getting nuted nos but we did it i was tank he was dps i got full agro he killed ever thing i could o tanked for ages but cap was a problem
Comment by KurullSkullsplitter
2009-04-22 18:51:13
Confirmed. Same for me first time after Apoc. I've got it again today (Blood Raider).

But this second time now I'm 37k from the warehouse.
Comment by SvenjabiXiang
2009-04-23 16:10:01
Warp to bookmark (or identifiable object in space, i.e. beacon, warehouse, collidable object) now always lands you at the beacon. In addition, MWD no longer works.
Comment by WolfBiss
2009-04-30 18:36:45
Shooted all 1st spawn but the trigger, looted quafe, shooted Trigger: BS spawned, 14km range, never experienced any NOS. Bug? Or new patch, i dunnow.
Comment by FalconStorm
2009-06-15 05:26:22
It's an ambush mission. get close to the warehouse and rats will pop up. Warp out fast. Come back and snip rats. Cap drain from rats 17-22km. Good luck.
Comment by JackUnderhill
2009-07-08 05:08:48
First, what Falcon said above, or The Blitz: Have the Ultra Quafe available at your agent's. In a shuttle, go into the mission and, staying at distance, align with a warp point just to one side of the warehouse. Head straight at your warpout point. When you see a message from the pirate squad leader, or you have your mission complete set to pop up, or you actually watch your journal to see if it blinks, or you simply start to get quite close, hit warp to your alignment point. If your mission hadn't registered completed yet, it will as you fly by.
Comment by RantsMohammets
2009-08-25 19:04:37
Mission is easy as fuck in a CNR.
Comment by PelliT
2009-09-06 22:09:07
Just did this in my typhoon with mission specific hardeners. No problem at all with just a single rep running with them. Didn't drop below 90% armour. Just had to kill one frigate which webbed/scrambled me whilst I was 10km from the warehouse which my Warrior II's just ate up :)
Comment by MrT
2009-09-12 05:16:41
ca. 35 min + clean up
Pocket 1: Flew away from them in my T2 fitted Rokh. Read the guide (normal difficulty). It takes a while to bring them down with hybrids, and they hit kind a hard close up.
Comment by McApoc
2009-10-03 01:08:20
Did this in my Vargur, Agro'd all...sunk same. Kite um at 40km-killed with 4x dual 650mm AC's. Quick and easy mission.
Comment by AremonMoonserpent
2009-10-08 14:29:26
Just did this one in an AC-fitted Vargur for a change, and found that NOS range starts at 25 km, not at 20. Could have ended nasty, but fortunately I kept watching just in case. If you have close-range weapons take heed of this - don't rely on the 20 km mentioned above!
Comment by ApertureScience
2009-11-15 23:57:07
Funny, I got BOTH the second spawn and the alternative spawn, something wrong here?
Comment by AsdayXyfu
2009-11-26 16:53:23
Quafe Ultra costs about 72 isk in Heimatar. I wandered close to the can in a Probe, cloaked as soon as something spawned, and before they could target me, then warped out.
Comment by LaIvasse
2009-12-11 02:44:36
Noobish pilot with approx 3.5m SP, did this in an Abaddon with all T1 gear except HamII drones. 1xMeta4 LAR, 2 kinetic hardeners, 1 EM, 1 Therm, 1 EANM + 1600mm rolled tungsten. 4xcap rechargers. Meta 3 dual heavy beams for attack.

Destroyed all the aux power arrays beforehand, just in case. Kited directly away from the warehouse upon spawning first wave. Got swarmed, cleaned them up, pulled trigger ship - by that time I was 50km from where second ambush appeared. The BSes moved faster than me but all seemed to slow down upon getting within 26km (possibly I kited to the max). Destroyed everything without much fuss, before anything could neut or web me.

Came back in a salvage boat for Quafe and loot. Whole mission including salvage was less than an hour's work. Could have gone quicker if I hadn't been paranoid about cap&tank while fitting. Just kite away from the warehouse if you want to take everyone on.

Bounties: 6.3 million
Loot + salvage: maybe 1.5-2 million, 6 armour plates comprised most of that.
Reward: 650k inc. bonus
Comment by LaIvasse
2009-12-16 20:27:59
Got this mission again today - unlike in my previous attempt, the first group was already pre-spawned when I arrived, which made it easy to manage distance. My drones were targeted several times.
Comment by AlephNaut
2009-12-29 23:53:11
Although you can finish this mission w/o killing most of the npcs there's decent loot/salvage and a ton of veldspar for mining.

I had to warp out, mainly because I ignored the advice about energy neuts. After warping back in I'd let my tank (maelstrom) get to about half shields to let cap regen then turn on the shield repper til shields were nearly fixed. Since there are no spawns, my 2nd battleship (maelstrom) was able to go in and hammer on the neutralizing battleship npcs up close.
Comment by KyaLeet
2010-01-07 08:22:04
I can only repeat:


Throwing out 10 charges of cap booster 800s i only got 6 cycles of my XL shield booster, needless to say my scrammed AC-Mael died shortly afterwards.
Comment by AlSyth
2010-02-21 08:48:22
Fairly easy in a Tengu, just kill the frigs in case they web, and then stay at 70km of the neuter. Passive regen of shield should be enough, even with an active setup...
Comment by MrTuvi
2010-05-28 14:51:17
This mission can't be completed with quafe bought from market.
Comment by OrGasn
2010-10-28 17:36:27
I could finish this mission by buying Quafe from the market: But make sure you buy 10 and not 1 like I did first (got distracted with with the 1 m3, hehe)

Did it with a Maelstrom. 4x1200 and 4x1400 Artillery. Killed first group, bookmarked, killed some until my cap got low, warped out and back in at 100k, killed all NOS ships before they got close.

Loot: 0.9 M rewards, 0.3 M Modules, 5.1 M Salvage, 6.8 M Bounty = 13.1 M Isk
Comment by KurullSkullsplitter
2010-12-08 01:22:30
Flying a Vargur setup with 1200's shooting EM.

I didn't get the second spawn as I neared the Warehouse. I only got the first spawn. I killed all the first spawn except the Corpior Cleric. I picked up the stuff from the Warehouse and warped off to eat dinner. Came back later and killed the Corpior Cleric and got the larger second spawn. Popped all the Bs's from the warp-in beacon location before they could get close enough to NOS. Easy mission.
Comment by ShadowBuns
2011-02-02 12:00:47
Just buy the goods in station then complete mission at location in a shuttle, takes a few mins, not worth taking out rats.
Comment by CmdrTarlton
2011-06-05 20:13:59
This mission has changed a bit. The first set of npcs are there on warp in. So you can get position and snipe if you want. The 2nd wave appears and can also be easily sniped. I went in passive tanked expecting to get jumped at 10 km from the warehouse. Still overall easy mission if you are prepared.
Comment by SheolDuncan
2011-06-19 21:33:48
Worked fine in a nano Rifter with a small shield extender and a MWD which does work in the mission.
Comment by DrTeleborian
2011-07-02 19:28:08
NPC's did not appear until I removed Quafe from the wareheouse. Still had time to warp away in a nano vigil but with 0% shields remaining.
Comment by EloisePasteur
2011-12-02 05:05:42
I just ran this mission in an AC Mach. Didn't see any NOSing, but the Harbingers all tried to sensor damp me. Occasionally, at first, I was quite close to their BS by mistake, but the NOSing never appeared. Once I got the ranges sorted out I was never in range mind you... I orbit at 32km optimally.
Comment by EloisePasteur
2011-12-02 05:09:23
And if you do kill them all, bounty is around 6-7 million but the loot is rubbish - most of the ships have no loot and several won't salvage either.
Comment by ReaveToralen
2012-01-26 17:32:03
This mission is ridiculously easy for L4, I had never less than 90% of shields in Drake.
Comment by LordTudaio
2012-02-25 04:32:57
Bounty abt 6 MIL
Loot and salvage is very bad not worth doing it
Comment by ParasidicBeing
2012-05-24 01:47:02
Completed in Drake with high dps alt. (I used a Vexor with Hammerheads) Just stay away from nuets until the end (when your shield regen can tank the damage without hardener). Very Fun to do it this way. :D
Comment by EveMir
2012-08-11 10:24:07
Completed in CNR. Do not sit or you'll loose cap fast.

Bounty: 7 076 813 ISK
Loot: 2 600 000 ISK*
Salvage: 3 750 000 ISK*

*Prices from cargohold info.
Comment by WyrmToe
2012-12-02 22:19:01
Nothing there on warp-in with a Drake. AB'd up to warehouse, snagged quafe, and instawarped out. Never even got locked.
Comment by AbeDoo
2013-04-08 10:31:02
Tackled this by using a shuttle to retrieve the Quafe from the can.

Looting the can spawned the RATs. Warped off before anyone targeted me and took no damage.

I then changed ships to a Dominix Dual LAR with EM and Thermic Hardeners. I never used the 2nd LAR.

Upon warp-in reverse direction and fly away from the central warehouse. Set drones on the RATs. I left the destroyers till last so as to prevent the spawn from happening too early. By the time the spawn happened I was 60 KM from spawned vessels. I never got scrambled or cap drained. They never got within 40 KM of me so I guess I was outside of their NOS / Scramble range.

DRONES: Take care - the frigates that spawn head straight for your drones and deal damage. Could not take aggro off the drones. Had to withdraw 5 drones so make sure u have spares of your preferred type. I used Acolytes, Infiltrators and Praetors.
Comment by JackUnderhill
2013-06-15 00:54:08
Don't go in so fast you bounce away from pickup (if you're doing it that way). Lately, I've also been going, "Hmm...only two scrambling frigates, what about two warp core stabilizers...." (They do work versus rats, though I haven't yet actually needed them here - no enemy lock.) I do this mission with the same stabber I keep around for the recons.
Comment by HerbertFearly
2013-08-24 02:50:33
Blitzed in Dominix. Approach warehouse, when in 500m range, align to celestial. When fully aligned, loot all and warp to pre-aligned celestial. Total mission time: 2m46s. Easy
Comment by CaptNemo
2014-02-25 19:08:31
Looted Quafe in shuttle, then returned in Vexor Navy Issue and wiped out everything with sentry drones (Curator I). Very easy mission; just stay away from those NOS battleships. I run an armor tank, but 95% of the time was in shields only. Loot and salvage for me was over 17 million.
Comment by AribethThiesant
2015-03-03 11:55:23
You dont need a shuttle. Approach warehouse, start to align to a gate, when fully aligned loot the warehouse (<2500m) and immediately warp. The mobs couldn't do anything. All in a space potato
Comment by GoGGoAU
2015-11-22 09:11:35
Used a shuttle, bookmarked beacon, looted warehouse and warped out. Then came back in Myrmidon at 100km from bookmark. Dropped Curators and pretty much mopped up. Just kept kiting stuff that came too close (less than 30km).
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