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======Carrying AIMEDs, Level 1======

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Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Unknown with gate
Damage dealt: kin(46%)/therm(54%)
Extras: None
Web/scramble: None
Recommended damage dealing: therm

Pick up the AIMEDs (from loot, 25m3) and return them to your agent.

Video: [[ | Corax]], [[ | Rifter]]

====Warp In====
No aggro on Warp-in.

===Group 1===
Distance: 26-33km from Warp-in.

4x Frigates (Mercenary Rookie / Mercenary Fighter)

No loot.

====Pocket 1====
Aggro from Group 1 on Warp-in.
Killing group 1 gives You the loot needed to complete the mission.

===Group 1===
Distance: 19-20km from Warp-in.

2x Frigates (Mercenary Thief/Mercenary Fighter)

===Group 2===
Distance: 23-27km from Warp-in.

5x Frigates (Mercenary Rookie)

Aggro from Group 2 if You get at around 20km range to them.

No loot.

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