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A case of kidnapping, level 1

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Faction: EoM/Mercenaries
Mission type: Hybrid/Deadspace
Damage dealt: Kin/Therm for pocket 1-3 and 5. All kinds for pocket 4
Extras: The EoM Imps will release smartbomb upon taking any form of damage.
Recommended damage dealing: Kinetic and thermal

Update: There is only one group encountered at each level now, with a spawn of the next group at the same level when a number of the NPCs in that group have been destroyed. Every group will aggro upon warp-in or spawn.

You warp directly into pocket 1.

Pocket 1: (Damage Dealt: Kin/therm, Reccomended dmg: Kin)

3x EoM Imps.

Aggro at warp-in

Pocket 2: (Damage Dealt: Kin/therm, Reccomended dmg: Kin)

First spawn has 3 EoM Fiends
Second spawn has 2 EoM Fiends
Third spawn has 4 EoM Imps
Fourth spawn has 2 EoM Imp and 1 EoM Fiend
Fifth spawn has 4 EoM Fiends.

EoM imps use Smart Bombs:
Message: The Imp ship has used a smartbomb, activating a burst of energy that collides with all ships within the blast radius!

Pocket 3: (Damage Dealt: Kin/therm, Reccomended dmg: Kin)

Aggro at warp in.

First spawn has 3 EoM Fiends
Second spawn has 2 EoM Imps and 1 EoM Fiend
Third spawn has 1 EoM Incubus.
Number of Imps and Friends may vary

Pocket 4: (Damage Dealt: All kinds, Reccomended dmg: Therm)

Spawn 1: 6 Mercenary Rookies will aggro upon warp-in.
Spawn 2: 3 Mercenary Fighters
Spawn 3: 1 Mercenary Elite Fighter

Pocket 5: (Damage Dealt: Kin/therm, Reccomended dmg: Kin)

1x EoM Succubus

The mission will complete when it is destroyed. It will also drop the 10 units of VIPs required to bring back to agent to complete the mission.

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